6 Secrets for using your Quinceañera shoes painlessly
6 Secrets for using your Quinceañera shoes painlessly

6 Secrets for using your Quinceañera shoes painlessly

The truth is, we can't blame you, we also love how sneakers enhance our figure.

Heels make our calves look sexy, making us feel like super runway models, and they also add a few inches to our height.

However, they can also cause us one of the most painful experiences with rashes and blisters. In other words, it's a love-hate relationship.

Luckily, there are some products you can buy in local stores or with the click of a button.

After following our tips, you won't have to worry about uncomfortable heels at your Quinceañera anymore.

 The size must be correct

A woman's legs wearing pink high heels, Quinceanera high heeled footwear Women's Sandal

Click to buy at Windsor.

First of all, if you buy uncomfortable shoes that don't fit you well, you will be scared with every step you take. The most comfortable shoes have a platform instead of a flat sole.

You know they are the right ones when your arch matches the shoe's arch and the front is wide enough for your toes.

Walk around the shoe store before buying them and make sure your feet don't slide with each step you take. That being said, it's better to buy them at a shoe store than online.

Gel insoles

Quinceañera Heels

Get them at Walmart for $7.97

Does your foot easily slide forward in your shoes? Do you need some extra cushioning? Designed with extra cushioning and shaped according to your arch, Dr. Scholl's gel insoles are just what you need to keep your foot in place and avoid those painful blisters.

You can reuse them for other occasions, just make sure to replace them every 6 months or they will start to break.

Cut the heel

A Quinceanera's legs wearing nude colored sandals.

No one will notice that you're wearing short heels under that wide Quinceañera dress.

Did you fall in love with a pair of shoes for your Quinceañera, but they are too high and make you feel uncomfortable? Fortunately, there's an easy solution: Cut the heel!

Look for your nearest shoe repair shop and for about $15, have them cut the heel to the desired height. If you're taller than your chambelán, consider this solution to match their height, or even to make yourself look shorter.

Save for a good pair

zapatillas de Quinceañera

Yes, we know that you want to save as much as possible and have the Quince party of your dreams. Cheap heels are generally made of plastic and will probably make your feet sweat and give you blisters. Leather footwear is softer and your feet are less likely to rub against this material. It's a more expensive option, but it may be worth the investment.


Quinceañera Heels

Get them at Target for $3.39

This option sounds a bit strange, but it works. You can adhere these bands to the parts of your foot that are more susceptible to blisters, and also line any part of your shoes with them. It's one of the best options to avoid blisters.

Heel Pads

Quinceañera Heels

“Suede heel-grips” in Amazon.com

These pads work wonders if your shoes rub against your heels or if they fit a little loose. You can buy them online or at stores like Marshall's for less than $10.

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