9 Steps to a Natural Makeup Look for your Quince
9 Steps to a Natural Makeup Look for your Quince

9 Steps to a Natural Makeup Look for your Quince

Achieving the natural makeup look is easy and very appropriate for coming of age quinceañeras. Having a quince natural makeup look will be appreciated by your quince guests and family.  The more natural the makeup is the more mature your family will perceive you.  Remember, less is more.

Use these 9 natural makeup look achieving steps for your quince.

First, wash your face

Exfoliating the skin to remove oils and imperfections will make sure the makeup applies evenly to your skin.  Consider using natural exfoliators.  This tip is important for all makeup routines and beauty regimens!

Moisturize your skin

Find a sheer lotion with your skin-tone tint and SPF. One product CoverGirl recommends is,La Mer The SPF 18 Fluid Tint . Products such as this will keep your skin soft, safe from harmful UV rays, and eliminate the appearance of blotchiness or redness.

Conceal any flaws

The key to using concealer is to apply very little in small layers at a time. The best way to apply the concealer is using a small tip applicator to lightly dab spots or swipe dark circles and then use your finger to blend it in.

Use powder ONLY if necessary

For those of you with shiny skin, powder will help absorb that oil. (Note: If your skin is very oily then skip the moisturizer step). Swirl on Bare Escentuals Bare-Minerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation with a brush in a circular motion in order to assure a natural makeup look rather than a powdery one!

Warm it up with some blush

Cream blushes in warm peach or pink tints will give any quinceañera that natural, subtle flush they’re looking for.

Shade the eyelids with a tint

Soft, brownish tints will enhance the natural contours of your eyes without having the look of eye shadow. Use a tint one shade darker than your skin tone for your eye creases and lower lash line. This is an important tip for every makeup routine in order not to overdo it on the eye shadow for your daily trip to school.

Use Eye Liner ONLY for more definition

Apply it lightly either soft gray or brown along the top of your lashes to define your natural makeup look more for an evening quinceañera party.

Tint up your lips slightly

For maintaining that natural makeup look use your finger to concentrate the lip tint in the center of your lip and blend outwards. Also make sure the tint matches your natural lip tint.

Enhance your lashes

Even for a natural makeup look mascara is important. Use dark brown tints to target certain areas of your lashes. For a natural makeup look it is best to apply mascara to the roots of your lashes because using mascara over the whole lash will create a spidery effect.

Remember, just because you are going to be one year older, don’t suddenly sacrifice your clothing style, music taste, sense of comfort, or makeup routines.  Keep in mind these tips after your party.  There is no pressure to “act the part” of a quinceañera . For example, if you don’t usually wear makeup then the tips above will surely help you achieve a subtle and beautiful look.

Try it out before your quinceañera party!


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