Accessories with feathers: the alternative to crowns
Accessories with feathers: the alternative to crowns

Accessories with feathers: the alternative to crowns

There's a rule that says only birds can dress in feathers. But the creativity that the fashion industry prides itself on has made the use of feather accessories replace tiaras, enhancing your image with a modern touch.


With a variety of textures, designs, and patterns, feather accessories, such as headbands, can add a "Sex and the City" touch to any casual or glamorous quinceañera hairstyle.

Loose Hair

There are several ways to flaunt a feather accessory with loose hair. For example, headband feathers can be placed on either side of the head, or for a more stunning look, you can place the feathers in the center of your head, as shown in this image. The side feather gives you a more discreet look but without losing the essence of the image you want to project. A large feathered headband in the center of the head is definitely eye-catching and may be the only accessory you need.

A woman with a flower in her hair wearing a cobalt blue T-shirt for a Quinceanera celebration.

A woman sitting on a blanket with a feather in her hair, wearing a fashionable Quinceanera shoe as an accessory.

A woman in a wedding dress and a veil holding a cobalt blue high-heeled shoe

Fabulous and Modern Updos

Instead of using a tiara with the traditional updo hairstyle, you have the option to add this modern element. If using a hairpin or hairpins, the feather accessory can be pinned at the base, on the side, or on top of any updo hairstyle.

Quinceanera: A woman in a silver dress with a feathered headband showing her nails

A woman in a Quinceanera dress standing outdoors with a flower in her hair, holding a bottle of nail polish.

A Quinceanera woman wearing a white dress with a feathered headpiece, featuring nude eye makeup and red lips.

Enhancing the Classic Ponytail

If an updo or loose hair is not what you want to showcase on your quinceañera day, you have the option to wear the classic ponytail or a bun. You can add a feather accessory to the base of your hairstyle to give it an extravagant touch. The feathered headband can enhance your hairstyle without losing elegance. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose to showcase on your special day, the feathered headband will make you stand out from other quinceañeras. With the variety of styles and feather colors, rest assured you will find that look that complements your alternative style.

A young woman with long hair wearing a white dress and a flower in her hair, posing elegantly for her Quinceanera party

Cobalt blue woman in a Quinceanera dress with a flower in her hair

A Quinceanera image featuring a woman wearing a Fiorelli ribbon in her hair with a flower.

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