Choose the Perfect Underwear for your Quince
Choose the Perfect Underwear for your Quince

Choose the Perfect Underwear for your Quince

After trying on all those dresses and searching in a million magazines and fashion websites, don’t forget what will help you look great on your special day is what comes under the dress.

If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you’ll regret not having given it any thought when you’re putting on your dress.It doesn’t matter if you’re thin, have some curves or a few extra pounds, lingerie can be your best friend or worst enemy, let’s take a look:

Brassieres for Quinceañeras


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Most Quinceañera dresses highlight the bosom, so you must choose a bra that adjusts to the style, especially if your dress is strapless, halter, has thin straps or backless.

You should ask a fashion expert to measure you and try it on with under your actual Quince dress.

If it doesn’t match the dress and if the straps or the bra itself show, you can search another style that adjusts to your Quince gown.

• The shape and size of your bosom is very important when it comes to choosing a bra. A push-up bra is always great for emphasizing your curves and, if you have a little more, there are bras that can help keep your bosom firm and in place.

• If your dress doesn’t allow the use of a bra, you can opt for clear strips that are placed under the breasts. However, keep in mind that you must carry extras in case one comes off when you’re dancing during the party.

• If your dress has see-through sleeves and you don’t want your bra straps to show, you can use a clear strap bra, but not if your dress is strapless or has thin straps. In this case, the best option would be a strapless bra.

Panties for Quinceañeras


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You might wear panties that are so small you need a microscope to find them, or so comfortable they hardly stay on your hips, but when it comes to your Quinceañera dress it’s necessary to wear one that is comfortable, concealed, and most importantly one that stays in place during the choreography.

• Avoid those with too much lace, since they can be uncomfortable and may show if you’re wearing a close-fitting dress.

Shorts are a great option if you want to keep your legs from brushing during an agitated day. There are a few styles that can help shape your thighs and are perfect for close-fitting and mermaid style dresses.

Tips for a Perfect Figure:


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Girdles: Nowadays there are fabrics that are so soft and flexible they feel like your own skin. No one will be able to tell you are wearing a girdle under your dress.They are perfect for molding your body, highlight your curves, shape your buttocks, and hide those small imperfections we all have.

Corsets: Corsets are perfect for those with very little as well as those with much. They are the best option to shape your figure but be careful! Some can be very uncomfortable and make you look stiff.

You can ask a fashion expert to recommend you a style that highlights your features and matches your dress or he/she can design a dress with an incorporated corset.

Crinoline: Practice walking and dancing in a crinoline prior to the party to avoid stumbling while walking or showing your lingerie when sitting down.

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