10 Closet Organizing Hacks Every Girl Should Know
10 Closet Organizing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

10 Closet Organizing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Are you constantly giving your closet a makeover only to find it messy a week after? Do your purses and belts mysteriously disappear?


It’s time to say goodbye to all the clutter (and your mom constantly nagging at you) and organize your closet smartly! Take a look at the following closet organizing hacks that will change your life forever.

Hang Your Belts & Scarves

You’ll soon realize that hooks are one of the best space-savers in your closet! Hang your belts using s-hooks that can be purchased at your local Walmart or Target for less than $10. Neatly tie your scarves on a hanger according to color and pattern, take a look at the examples below:

You can also use s-hooks to hang your jeans since they are a bit too bulky to store inside your drawers.

A row of Quinceanera dresses hanging on a clothes rack

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Keep Your Purses Visible

There’s nothing more annoying than looking for a handbag and not finding it in between the clutter. Here’s a genius solution: Luxury Living’s Park-A-Purse. In case you’re wondering, they are shelves and dividers specifically designed to keep each of your handbags organized kind of like a parking lot. You can purchase it at JCPenney for $29.99. Another option is lining up your purses on the top shelf. Just remember not to store a purse inside another because you might easily forget about it.

Organize Your Shoes

The best tool to organize your heels, sneakers, and sandals is a shoe rack. They are available in different heights and widths according the number of pairs you own. You can even hang a shoe rack on your door! For under $20 at Walmart, it’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your life.

Quinceanera shoe rack in a closet filled with lots of different types of shoes

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Hang Each Piece Facing Forward

To make your closet more visually appealing, face your hangers in the same direction. It’ll be way easier to browse through each item. Tip: Purchase hangers designed for the type of clothing. Silky clothing will need a velvet hangar while camis will need a hangar with dips for the straps.


Group Pieces by Category

Group your clothes by color, pattern, and category. That way you won’t waste time struggling to find the piece you’re looking for and it’ll be less of a challenge to match your outfits. For your drawers, organize according the the order you dress up. You might want to store your undergarments and socks in the top drawers and your shirts and pants in the bottom drawers.



Clear Your Drawers from Old & Torn Clothes

Keep 12-14 of your favorite underwear and eliminate any torn pairs. Roll up your underwear to save space. Your drawer will look so much neater and let’s be real – you rarely wear that pair of torn underwear anyway.

Female underwear ordered in a personal wardrobe

Dividers Are Your Best Friend

Tired of your bras mixing with your socks and underwear? Purchase dividers to help you keep everything organized. IKEA sells a variety of dividers for any of your sorting needs.

A Quinceanera closet filled with lots of drawers and Quinceanera clothes

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Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh

Deter those creepy moths and keep your clothes smelling fresh with lavender scented bags. Buy them at Walmart for $5.99 for 5 bags.

potpourri bag with dry lawender flowers; Shutterstock ID 10140529

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