Earrings are your Best Quince Accessories
Earrings are your Best Quince Accessories

Earrings are your Best Quince Accessories

Earrings are common fashion accessories to everyday outfits. But for a quinceañera, earrings won’t be looked at as any mere accessory. With that said, it is important to be informed on all the different types of earring styles out there!

Follow these tips below when choosing your earrings to highlight your best features and favor your face shape:

Best Earrings for Oval Faces

  • Wear oval-shaped dangling earrings or teardrop earrings
  • Oval dangling earrings accentuate the face’s natural shape by creating a sense of symmetry or balance.


Best Earrings for Round Faces

  • Aim to elongate the face and minimize a puffy appearance by choosing teardrop and dangle earrings.
  • Look for long, angular designs as opposed to rounded ones
  • Avoid dangling circular discs, which can make the face look wider


Best Earrings for Heart-Shaped Faces

  • Look for pieces with elongated lines and curves to balance out the face and draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line
  • Good choices are dangle, teardrop, and chandelier earrings



Best Earrings for Square Faces

  • The best choices are elongated, dangling pieces, and hoop earrings
  • Over-sized hoops that brush the jaw line or extend below the jaw line will both soften the face and make it appear smaller
  • Don’t wear wide earrings


Best Earrings for Narrow Faces

  • Pearl earrings are ideal for narrow faces as they add softness and minimize length
  • Keep in mind that long dangle earrings tend to minimize the length of very narrow faces
  • When choosing dangle earrings, look for pieces with elongated curves to accentuate the cheekbones and add softness


Best Earrings for Diamond-Shaped Faces

  • Look for earrings with long, elegant curves
  • Dangle and hoop styles accentuate this type of face
  • Earrings with soft curves minimize any sharpness around the cheekbones or jaw line
  • Avoid dangle earrings that are also in a diamond shape

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