Elegant accessories for your pet
Elegant accessories for your pet

Elegant accessories for your pet

They say that a dog is man's best friend. But who said that canines are only loyal to boys? So girls, get your leashes and collars ready because if one of your best friends has four legs and a tail, here are some ideas for accessories for your pet so that they can be part of your court of honor.

dog Shih Tzu

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1) Dog Dress
Your pet can look just as spectacular as you on your special day. This aqua dress is perfect for your little princess. Only $5.25 on Etsy!

accessories for your pet
2) Dog Harness
Keep your pet on a harness and leash with this PetEgo set. If your pet likes to walk with you, this harness won't harm their vocal cords compared to a collar and leash. PetEgo Airness Harness and Leash $18.49 Wag.com

3) Luxury Dog Bed
Treat your dog like royalty while you take care of planning your quinceañera. She can sleep on this luxurious canopy bed with bows or she can look like a king in a teepee bed.

dog Miniature Poodle

4) Dog Tiara
Add a touch of glamour to your pet's hair. These tiaras are available in a variety of colors and sizes to showcase your canine's personal style. Tiara Town tiaras $10-$28

5) Dog Tuxedo
That special guy should be well-dressed for this occasion and now it's possible with this dog tuxedo. Sizes range from XX-Small to X-Large, giving your pet an elegant look.


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