Everything you need to know to choose your Quinceañera shoes
Everything you need to know to choose your Quinceañera shoes

Everything you need to know to choose your Quinceañera shoes

Your party is closer than ever and besides the dress, choosing the perfect Quinceañera shoes for the occasion is key to managing such a celebration. When choosing the shoes, consider the hours you will wear them, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels.

 Here are some tips that will help you choose the shoes for your Quinceañera and be comfortable during your party. Remember, it is not only about looking beautiful, but also about feeling comfortable and at ease on your special day.


High Heel Quinceañera Shoes

Most likely, they will be your first choice, just make sure to choose a moderate heel or else your feet will start hurting in the first 10 minutes of the ceremony. We recommend that you wear high heelsa week before, every day, so that the shoes adjust to your feet and also so you get used to wearing them. 


Open-toe Shoes

One of the most comfortable options you'll find. Open-toe shoes give a fresh and flirty look to almost any outfit and go perfectly with any type of dress.

Sandals for a Fashionista

Sandals are the sexiest shoes for a Quinceañera, however, they are not usually the most comfortable because the straps tend to loosen during the night. For a more comfortable option, choose platform sandals.

Elegant Evening Shoes for Your Quince

Most dressy shoes cover the ankle, a great feature of dressy sandals. These types of shoes are ideal for parties thanks to their comfortable design that allows you to keep up with your hectic schedule throughout the night.

Consider All The Details

Take into account the toe, heel and platform of the shoes, all these aspects will help you stay comfortable during your Quinceaños party. Also consider other factors such as color and fabric; and most importantly, keep in mind the comfort they give you when you wear them.

Next step, Choose!

The lining

  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Fur
  • Fabric

The color of your Quinceañera shoes

  • Whites
  • Roses
  • Metallic
  • With glitter

Heel Height

1 » (Beginner) 2 «(Intermediate) 3 » (Professional)

The extra shoes for after your Quince

  • Sandals
  • Floor shoes
  • Converse

Tip: Also consider the option of adding some pads to what you are wearing.

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