Five super cool styles for your honor chambelan!
Five super cool styles for your honor chambelan!

Five super cool styles for your honor chambelan!

Sure, we all know that the celebration of your quinceañera is YOUR special day. From special magazines for quinceañeras to websites specialized in planning, you will realize that there is an overflow of information about what the birthday girl should not miss in her celebration. And it is not for less, after all, this is an event that you will only live once in your life.

However, one of the details in the planning of your quinceañera that, despite being very important, is not given the importance it deserves, is the "great accessory" that will accompany you almost all night and is called... honor chamberlain.

Of course, it is much easier for you to find the perfect dress that you will wear at the celebration since, as we said before, there is an immense amount of information that will help you make the best choice. But what about what your chambelán will wear? Here things change, since there is not much information about this subject.

But it is not to cry your eyes out either. In an effort to help you have the perfect celebration, Quinceanera.com has searched the internet to gather the best clues - in terms of fashion - that will help your chambelán to dress like some of the current teenage idols. Share this list of ideas with him and together choose the style that suits him best and, of course, also makes you stand out.

1. Our favorite teenage idol looks great in 'twilight' colors. His metallic jacket is the perfect complement to the classic all-black style. This is a great outfit for your chambelán, but only if he matches the shirt and jacket with straight-cut pants (no jeans). Additionally, it is essential that the shirt fits tightly inside the pants.

honor chamberlain

2. This talented and attractive young man from Canada captivated the audience with a modern style called 'rich boy' or 'preppy', as others would say. Drake elegantly combines a blue suit with a light blue silk shirt; undoubtedly a great combination of elegant colors. This is a great choice for your chambelán if you celebrate your quinceañera during the winter months, and also if the tone of your dress is earth or white.


3. The star of the movie "17-Again" looks like a dream come true with this white-marsala ensemble. The choice of having your chambelán wear a traditional suit in a non-traditional color like this will help your celebration maintain a certain degree of elegance with a touch of avant-garde. The best thing about this combination is that it can be worn in all seasons of the year, but it will only be appropriate if your dress is white or a similar dark shade to that of the suit.


4. This talented trio of young men offer us three ideas in one, since each of them dresses in a different style for you to choose the most appropriate one for your chambelán.

chambelán de honora. (Left:) Nick wears a classic brown suit that looks great with a beige shirt and a burgundy tie. If your quinceañera dress is beige, bone color, or a deep burgundy color, then this is the perfect choice for your honor chamberlain.

b. (Center) Joe shows his wild side by wearing a bold fuchsia shirt with a black suit. This is the perfect choice for your partner if your dress is a flashy color. But it can also be the ideal complement to a gorgeous white dress.

c. (Derecha) We like Kevin's metallic gray suit for a chambelán because this color perfectly matches any dress, from a pink or white one to a contrasting fuchsia. Your chambelán can wear this style and color at any time of the year when you celebrate your quinceañera, which undoubtedly makes it the best choice of all.

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