How to choose the right accessories for your outfit
How to choose the right accessories for your outfit

How to choose the right accessories for your outfit

What cars mean to boys, jewelry means to girls; well, not exactly, but the point is we all have our obsessions, and there's nothing wrong with sticking to them, especially when it comes to having such cute jewelry!

With the right accessories and jewelry, even the plainest outfit will look spectacular, but you already knew that, right?

For all you super-feminine girls out there, here are some additional tips to help your jewelry work with the outfit you've chosen and make you stand out wherever you go:

#Go for the minimal


For all you Lady D fans, minimal jewelry is the choice to make. There's nothing more elegant than a few accessories that complement your outfit and speak of your sophistication. A thin white gold necklace, diamond earrings, and a simple ring should be enough to make you feel elegant and still capture enough attention.

#Choose statement pieces

statement pieces

Girls who want their jewelry to be the center of attention should opt for striking pieces. Naturally, to avoid looking vulgar or commonplace, you should wear a simple base and polish it with your favorite necklace or earrings. For example, a fitted dress in a neutral or black color will work perfectly with a gold choker or long earrings—they'll definitely make you feel fabulous!

#Embrace the extremes

If you're like me, you like extremes. I love the juxtaposition of the hard and the soft! There's something very exciting about pushing your limits. For example, I do extravagant things like pairing a silk maxi dress with suspenders, ankle boots, and a fringed leather jacket. Makeup and jewelry are also there to up the ante. So, if I'm in the mood for something vibrant, I choose a dark lip color. However, if I want to feel feminine, I go for neutral makeup. As for ornaments, jewelry, and accessories, I have ear piercings, so they're often enough. I got my first piercing in Sydney, and that's when I realized how powerful it made me feel.

#Stay true to your style


Not everyone knows how to handle their fashion tastes, but those who do should stick to it. While choosing a specific look for an occasion may work once in a while, you should consistently radiate your personal fashion sense and all your style choices combined. Make sure the jewelry choices you make align with the flow of your overall fashion style; let your inner creativity guide you!


No, don't think I'm crazy for suggesting you experiment with your current fashion choices when I talked about staying true to your style a paragraph ago. Experimenting is not changing your style; if anything, it's about playing with elements that can only enhance your current choices and turn them into something spectacular. A real surprise factor can be achieved with a cool coat, an intriguing accessory, a piece of fine jewelry, or even a new haircut. Don't be afraid to experiment and ride the waves of fashion with style!

The right kind of accessories and jewelry can make or break your look, so make sure your choices reflect your personality and enjoy everything about your style choices, no matter how different, quirky, or extravagant they may seem.

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