Lovely Quinceañera accessories that you should consider
Lovely Quinceañera accessories that you should consider

Lovely Quinceañera accessories that you should consider

There are plenty of themes, styles, and colors to choose from when it comes to Quinceañera accessories. If you stick to the typical crown, your hair might miss out on some of the more modern quinceañera accessories. Take a look!

Quinceañera accessories for your hair:


Eden Luxe Bridal $124

This delicate Swarovski crystal accessory is perfect for complementing a beautiful curly and loose hairstyle. 


Kennas Kipplies Bows $15.95

Add a touch of flirtiness to your Quinceañera outfit with this beautiful rhinestone accessory on the side.

Small feather brooches are ideal for short-haired quinceañeras. Pixie cuts are the best to highlight the feathers. 


Trinket Bunny less than $30

This accessory turns any updo into an elegant Quinceañera hairstyle.

Accessories for your ears:


14k Gold Majorica pearls for $50 at Macys


Accessories for your Quinceañera for your neck:

Use the classic eternal duo, a pearl with a 14K gold chain, only if you wear your hair up.


House of Glass Antiques & Collectibles$38.99

This piece of jewelry will make your look stand out, especially if the necklace you choose matches the color of your eyes. Perfect for a Quinceañera with a theme related to the sea!


Two Be Wed Jewelry$54

Golden chain
Although if you are not the extravagant type of Quinceañera, you can opt for a silver chain instead.

Accessories to complement your Quince outfit:


Find them in Joy Jewelers 

Quinceañera ring
Celebrate your 15th birthday in style with this beautiful piece of jewelry on your hand.


TulipBridal.com $60

Fur bolero
No need to call PETA, this is imitation fur! Complement your Quince outfit with this type of bolero and stay warm. Perfect for Quinceañeras with a romantic winter theme.


Bridal Life$22

Bring your Quinceañera outfit to life and embrace your inner Madonna with a pair of white lace gloves.

Think outside the box, but don't overdo it by choosing two gloves of different styles.

Remember, less is more!

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