Modern and stylish outfits for chambelanes to wear.
Modern and stylish outfits for chambelanes to wear.

Modern and stylish outfits for chambelanes to wear.

Because a well-dressed boy steals sighs!

In a world where Quinceañeras are celebrated every weekend, our chamberlains must stand out among the thousand and one courts of honor.

If your chamberlains are boys who like to dress well, the following boutique has something that will surely fill their eyes and at the same time enchant their pockets.

Friar Tux Shop

With years in the market, Friar Tux offers convenient packages for Quinceañeras with a variety of styles to choose from. They have locations throughout Southern California and even in Canada. Additionally, you can buy online or schedule an appointment online.

In addition to stocking luxurious suits, Friar Tux has men's shoes and accessories as part of its inventory. If you already have the jacket and the shirt and only need the bow or are looking for a pair of suspenders to highlight your outfit, this is an excellent option.

Stitch and Tie

Why buy a suit that will probably go out of style after a few months when you can rent a luxury one? For modern cuts, bold prints, and affordable prices, Friar Tux affiliate Stitch and Tie is your best bet. Can't you get through it? They take it to your house!


Before choosing your chamberlain of honor's outfit, consider the following:

Color: Choose a shade that matches your theme and your dress. Don't choose more than 3 colors.

Style: Consider the fabric, whether a tie or bow is better, whether it is necessary to use suspenders. Explore until you choose what looks best!

Cost: Before inviting one or more boys to be part of your court of honor, decide if the expenses will be your responsibility or theirs. Dedicate yourself to looking for discounts or the best options so that everyone agrees with the cost. Whether you are a chamberlain looking for the ideal suit or a Quinceañera looking for the best option for her boys, you can't go wrong with these three boutiques!

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