Pearl Accessories for a Super Chic Quinceañera
Pearl Accessories for a Super Chic Quinceañera

Pearl Accessories for a Super Chic Quinceañera

Combine the modern with a touch of sophistication by adorning yourself with pearls from head to toe. Look like a refined young lady on your fifteenth day by adorning yourself with pearls. 

1) Pearl Choker

These accessories speak for themselves, you won't need any other accessories to adorn yourself. To make this look more daring, use different shades of pearls.


2) Pearl Necklace

Get inspired by the fashion of the twenties and look like a flapper girl by wearing various long, medium, and short pearl necklaces. Pearls are ideal for a Great Gatsby-style quinceañera.

A white pearl necklace with a heart charm at the Rahmi M. Koc Museum.

3) Pearl Tiara

Don't wear the typical diamond crown and find a pearl-covered tiara. It will make you look like a princess while dancing the waltz.

A Quinceanera image featuring a floral design bouquet and a hand holding a tia with a bunch of pearls on it

4) Pearl Anklets

If your surprise dance is Arabian or the music calls for showing off your bare feet, surprise your guests with pearl anklets. Very chic!

anklet for brides Anklet

5) Pearl Accessories

Although jewelry headbands, chains, coins, and feathers are a must-have accessory in the latest music festivals, they are not as chic. Look classy with a headband adorned with small pearls, and if you can't find one, you can make it yourself.

The possibilities are endless, be creative and adapt this classic accessory to your style and personality.

Visit Pinterest.com for more ideas for planning a Great Gatsby-style pearl quinceañera.


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