Quince Bouquet: a Must Have Accessory!
Quince Bouquet: a Must Have Accessory!

Quince Bouquet: a Must Have Accessory!

Learn a little bit more about the story behind a Quince bouquet and and choose the one that defines you.

Within the Catholic religion the quince bouquet serves as an offer of gratitude to the Virgin Mary. It symbolizes joy and gratefulness for allowing the quinceañera to celebrate her coming of age ceremony with the Virgin Mary’s protection and blessing from her family.

As you can see, a quince bouquet is not just a cute accessory, there is a meaning behind it and its compliment to the celebration is fundamental. Aside from this, the quince bouquet also highlights your beauty and reflects your personality and style. After all, it’s an important element of your quinceañera outfit.


Choosing the perfect quince bouquet

In order to choose the perfect quince bouquet you must take into consideration your dress, since the style and cut of this will determine the type of bouquet that will fit the best. Say, if your dress is made out of an embellished fabric with plenty of details, then you must select a simple bouquet, otherwise you take the risk to look overdressed.

Now if you’re wearing a simple quinceañera dress then you can choose to carry an elaborated quince bouquet. It is ideal for the bouquet to match the same color flowers on your dress.

There are different sizes and types of flowers, including ribbons, rhinestones, feathers and lace, as long as they go with your dress.

Types of bouquets

Natural Flowers: This is the most popular quince bouquet mostly due to its freshness. We highly suggest contrasting the color of your bouquet with the color of your dress. Create a super original effect choosing the appropriate size and flower shapes.

Mixed Materials: Handmade quince bouquets can be as beautiful as natural flowers bouquet. The advantage of this type of bouquet is that you get to keep it as a souvenir from such a special day.

You can have it custom made with the same fabric as your dress and request rhinestones, feathers, lace, crystals, candies, etc. The sky is the limit!

A Modern approach

If holding a quince bouquet is not really your thing, how about a flower bracelet? This lovely option, also known as corsage, can be with you at all times during your whole party. It’s a perfect way to adorn your outfit, show your personality and style your dress.



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