Quinceañera Accessories
Quinceañera Accessories

Quinceañera Accessories

A Quinceanera princess wearing a Tiara with diamonds on it, her caption reads 'dios es mi rey y yo su princesa', which translates to 'God is my king and I am his princess'.





Many times the key to looking spectacular lies in choosing the right accessories. To achieve this, take into account what suits your personality best and don't wait until the last moment to decide.

It is true that Cinderella's dress was fabulous, but the story wouldn't have had a happy ending without the glass slippers, the tiara, the carriage... the same goes for a quinceañera, where the accessories are just as important as the dress they complement.

Without a doubt, the most popular adornment in a quinceañera's attire is the tiara. In the 18th century, they were worn by queens and princesses to stand out from a distance and enhance their sumptuous dresses. Nowadays, they continue to be an element that adds distinction and elegance, although you have to be careful not to choose them too big or overloaded so as not to take the spotlight away from the dress. Lucy Luna is the owner of Luna's Bridal, a store that specializes in dresses and accessories for quinceañeras located in downtown Los Angeles. According to Lucy, "the most popular tiaras nowadays are those adorned with stars or butterflies; they are also requested with Swarovski crystals or rhinestone-type embellishments, which are slightly less expensive". The prices of the simplest tiaras range around $110, but they can go up to $300 if they are more elaborate. "It all depends on the budget," Lucy says.

The change from flat shoes to high heels is one of the most anticipated moments of the celebration, symbolizing the transition from girl to woman. In addition to classic ballet flats or flat shoes, the most fashionable flat shoe is the sports shoe. This was the footwear chosen by Verónica Gracián for her quinceañera, which took place last July. "I decided on tennis shoes because of their comfort and because I'm not used to walking in high heels. In the end, I wore them the whole time, even for the dance with my dad," Verónica confesses. Sports shoes can also be purchased with heart, crown, butterfly designs, and even with the number 15 printed on them. These designs can be found for $150 in specialized stores like Luna's Bridal, although, of course, there is always the option to buy simple sports shoes for $50. It's a matter of taste and budget.


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Other accessories such as the pillow, the glasses, the shovel, and the knife usually have the quinceañera's name and the event date engraved on them as a keepsake. "The pillows are made with the same fabric as the dress," comments Lilia Cerpas from Genesis Bridal in Santa Ana. "Before, the most requested ones were heart-shaped, but now the rectangular and square ones are the most popular. We sell the simplest ones for $59, and the more elaborate ones for $75". The glasses can be purchased in sets of two, one for the young lady and one for the chambelán, or in packs of 16 for the guests. "The latest trend is to adorn the base of the glasses with stars, butterflies, or fans". The prices of the sets of glasses depend on the quality of the glass and whether they include a bottle of cider for the toast or not. A set of 16 can cost $195, and the sets of two glasses with cider range between $115 and $125.

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Finally, we have the doll, whose dress is usually a replica of the quinceañera's dress, and its price ranges from $125 to $250 depending on the type of fabric and the model of the dress.

For young ladies determined to wear a large number of accessories, it is best to inquire about special packages, which range from $550 to $1,400, depending on the number and quality of the accessories. Although it is recommended to place orders about four months in advance, these establishments are prepared for any eventuality. "We have made dresses with all the accessories in just five days," explains Lucy. "It's not ideal, but for a quinceañera, we do whatever it takes."

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