Ramos for Quinceañeras: a chic accessory that you can't miss
Ramos for Quinceañeras: a chic accessory that you can't miss

Ramos for Quinceañeras: a chic accessory that you can't miss

Know the meaning and styles of bouquets for Quinceañeras, and choose the best one for your celebration.

The main function of the bouquets for Quinceañeras or flower bouquets - regardless of the material or color they are made of - for those who practice the Catholic religion, is to serve as an offering of gratitude to the Virgin Mary. These symbolize joy and gratitude for allowing the quinceañera to reach that age where she transitions from girl to woman with the protection of the Virgin and blessings from her family.

As you can see, bouquets for Quinceañeras are not only a beautiful accessory, but they are also full of meaning and an important symbol; that is why you should not be without yours on that special day. Additionally, the bouquet helps highlight your beauty and reflect your personality and tastes.


How to choose bouquets for Quinceañeras?

To choose your bouquetyou must take into account the style of your dress, because the design for the bouquet will depend on it. For example, if your dress is made with elaborate fabric and has many details, it is ideal to choose a simple bouquet. Otherwise, you run the risk of overloading your outfit and looking excessive or in bad taste.

On the contrary, if your dress is simple, without many details, you can wear a more elaborate bouquet. Ideally, the arrangement should have flowers of the same color as the dress or that contrast but in a harmonious way. You can select different sizes and types of flowers, including decorative details such as ribbons, rhinestones, feathers, or lace that match your dress.


Types of bouquets

Natural flowers

This is one of the most popular options for bouquets for Quinceañeras, due to their freshness and naturalness. We suggest contrasting the bouquet with your dress to achieve a visually striking combination. For example, if you wear a light-colored dress, choose flowers with vibrant colors for the bouquet; if you wear an outfit with strong or somewhat bright colors, use flowers in soft tones. Play with the size and shape of the flowers to create a super original effect.

Various materials

Bouquets for Quinceañeras made with artificial materials can be as beautiful and delicate as those made with natural flowers; the advantage of these is that you can keep them as a memory of this unforgettable day. You can have them made, even with the same type of fabric as your dress, as well as rhinestone accents, feathers, crystals, sweets, figures of your favorite characters, lace, and a variety of materials. In this option, you set the limit and the taste.

A modern option

If carrying a bouquet in your hands is not for you, how about a beautiful flower bracelet? These are known as corsages. You can wear this option throughout the entire party without it bothering you, as it is a kind of bracelet made of flowers or your preferred material. Without a doubt, it is a stylized way to adorn yourself on the day of your Quinceañera party.

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