Whether for a night out with your friends, a party, or simply to brag about your good taste, the handbags from Sandra Cadavid are a must have piece for your wardrobe.

What Quince girl hasn’t dreamed about owning her mom’s fabulous handbag? Well, your dream is about to come true. All you have to do is take a peek into Sandra Cadavid’s handbag collection and begin filling your closet with these exclusive and high quality designs that have already started a trend in Hollywood. Celebrities such as E! News’ host Giuliana Rancic and singer Katy Perry have walked the red carpet carrying Cadavid’s pieces.

According to Sandra Reiman, designer and owner of the brand, her strike of luck began less than a year ago when she ran into Giuliana Rancic at an event. “We had just met and she loved my wallet so much that I gave it to her”. What the designer did not imagine was that after uploading a picture on her Facebook page of the trendsetter holding with her wallet, sales were about to boom. “Suddenly I had 200 people who wanted the very same dark wallet Giuliana had with her, so I decided to launch a handbag collection under Sandra Cadavid”.

Her exclusive 12-piece collection has been featured in the Today Show, CNN, as well as in prestigious magazines such as Los Angeles Fashion Magazine–turning the Colombian designer’s lifelong dream into a reality.

Sandra Cadavid

“I’ve always wanted to become a designer and I’ve finally made it”, says Reiman proudly, who after having a successful career for over ten years as financial advisor decided to obtain a master’s degree in marketing, and launch a more creative career move in Pittsburgh, where she currently resides. “Now I’m fully committed to my passion and I’m involved in the fabrication process of my handbags from A to Z, which allows me to work closely with the best artists from all over the world”. She is referring to her team of 20 artists who work from a small town close to her native city, Cali, putting together each of the pieces by hand. She puts great attention to detail throughout the entire process. The quality of the leather, the hardware, the linings, and even the colors are selected by the designer.

The chosen tones are inspired by the city of Cartagena, Colombia, a paradise chosen by the beloved Gabriel Garcia Marquez for many of his novels and where the designer spent several seasons as a child. “My handbags come in brown tones, caramel, cognac, and terracotta, and are inspired by the landscaping, buildings, and romance surrounding this wonderful city”.

And as for the prices, Reiman says that– although she shares the artistic team of renowned Colombian designer Nancy Gonzalez, her handbags are far from costing $10,000. “My handbags are positions next to Burberry and Louis Vuitton for their quality and design, but are sold at affordable prices between $475 and $625.”

That is why Sandra Cadavid’s brand has been so widely accepted and found at different cities like Boston, Denver, and Pittsburgh as well as on famous fashion portals from all over the world such as Boticca.com, Shopstyle.com and of course, sandracadavid.com. Sandra Cadavid is without a doubt a designer with a promising future.

Photo credits: Natalie Morris, Pittsburgh, PA (natmophoto.com) & Alicia G. de Angela