Step up your Quinceanera Converse with 5 Simple Rules
Step up your Quinceanera Converse with 5 Simple Rules

Step up your Quinceanera Converse with 5 Simple Rules

Not only are wearing quinceanera Converse the most comfortable option when it comes to footwear, but it’s also the easiest to customize!


Whether you want some bling bling, animal print, or graffiti, the sky is the limit when you design your very own pair of Quinceanera converse. We double dare you to try one of the following options to arrive in style with the coolest kicks at your Quince:

1. Hand paint them Yourself!

Leopard print, cheetah print, chevron print…do any of these patterns catch your attention? If so, go to your local arts & crafts store to purchase all the materials you need to put your painting skills to the test. Remember to tackle this project at least 3 days before your quinceanera so it dries up just in time to show them off!

quinceanera converse

2. Your name & date are a must!

You will be saving your pair of customized Converse forever! To make them presentable, don’t forget to add your name and date of your quinceanera to save it as a souvenir.

converse 3

3. Tie in your personal touch & theme

There are no limits to the designs you can use to decorate your quinceanera Converse! As a matter of fact, the more you add, the better. Use e6000 adhesive to paste your decor, including lace, rhinestones, ribbons, and studs.

converse 4

4. Airbrush your fresh kicks!

If you’re a big fan of the “hip” style and graffiti, airbrushing your Converse will match your personality. Don’t be afraid to add multiple colors to make them stand out. In case you’re afraid to airbrush them, you may also do an ombre style as an alternative. Below is a quick video on how you can do it yourself!

converse 1

5. Bedazzle Them with Swarovski Crystals

Sparkle is never out of style, especially for a formal event! Swavorski crystals will add the right elegant touch to just about anything, including your Converse. Add them to the front part so it’s not just plain white. A fresh pair of silky shoelaces will complement the rhinestones, perfect for a ballerina or any other girly theme!

converse 5

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