The 5 pairs of shoes every Quinceañera will need to survive the big day!
The 5 pairs of shoes every Quinceañera will need to survive the big day!

The 5 pairs of shoes every Quinceañera will need to survive the big day!

Yup, you read it right! You have worked so hard for this big day that the last thing you want is to not dance because your feet are hurting… So make sure you have the right Quinceañera shoes for every stage of this big day.

Say goodbye to the pain and hello to the comfort!


Let’s begin with the shoes for the morning.  You will be running around getting hair and make up done possibly manicure and pedicure so prepare yourself with a super comfortable pair of flip flops or slippers ideally padded.


2- Photo session and Quinceañera mass

You will need to be comfortable here and the guests that will arrive to your mass will be a smaller number than those showing up at the reception.  A 1” heel pump would do the job! These heels are formal enough and definitely comfortable.


3- Entrance to the reception hall

Here you will definitely need to look your best.  The Daughter-Father dance is awaiting and all your guests will want to take lots and lots of pictures! 3” platforms, here we come!


4- After Surprise Dance

This is the stage of the party when all the pictures have been taken, everyone is super relaxed and so should you! Put on your favorite pair of sneakers or flats and dance the night away.  It would be cool if you can personalize them and show them off;)


5- The after party

Now, that you are done with your amazing Quinceañera and you have been on your feet for at least 10 hours…It is time to take your shoes off and pamper your lovely feet with fun slipper socks.  Grab some Biofreeze spray and use it before you put on your slipper socks, you can find it at CVS.com.  It will almost numb your feet and take all the pain away.


So now that you know the trick to stay on your feet all day make sure to prepare a bag for all your shoes.  Assign a trusted dama to guard your Quinceañera “Day Of” bag which should also include Band-Aids, deodorant and a few other feminine products that you should keep near you.

Happy planning.

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