The Quince Court of Honor Attire
The Quince Court of Honor Attire

The Quince Court of Honor Attire

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera fashion. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera fashion. It's your go-to resource for everything fashion related!

Next to the quinceañera dress, your court of honor’s attire is the most important aspect of your celebration.

In order for everyone to be satisfied and look great, it’s important to determine what color and style your damas and chambelanes will wear.

Although the quinceañera is the center of attention, the maids must also look spectacular. Remember that hall decorations will be based on the maids dress color. The following tips will help you choose an appropriate dress for your damas:

Las damas

beauty Beauty

  • Light colors are perfect for spring events and look great on any young girl. If the quinceañera is celebrated during summer, you can use brighter colors such as fuchsia, coral and yellow. If you dislike all of these colors, don’t worry! You can also choose darker colors such as red, burgundy, and navy blue… you choose!

gown Gown

  • Different XV dress styles:
    Empire Waist: High waistline, sometimes right below the bust. Combined with a flared skirt will give the dress a classic look.
    A-Line: Narrow at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom. Works great for most girls!
    Sheath: A figure-hugging silhouette. Not recommended for girls over size 12.
    Mermaid Style: Highlights curves. Can be somewhat uncomfortable when dancing.

gown Dress

fashion model Gown

  • Decide which neckline is appropriate for your court: round, oval, v-neck or strapless. But keep in mind that they are still very young and that they can wear bearing necklines in the future.

gown Gown

The Chamberlains

A chamberlain's traditional outfit is a black suit and a white collared dress shirt. But that does not mean that your chamberlains must dress this specific way. Ranging from zoot-suits to Army and Marine, there is a great variety of suits and formal uniforms in the market. If you have an honorary chamberlain, it is recommended that he stands out from the rest. To maintain a consistent look among your chamberlains, choose the same outfit for him but in a different color.

photograph Wedding

Be Elegant! 

  • Choose a suit that not only looks great, but feels comfortable for your chamberlains as well.
  • If they rent a suit, make sure that it is stain and defect-free.
  • In case the tie becomes uncomfortable, they can take it off after the waltz is danced. If need be, they can take off their coat as long as their shirt remains tucked-in to maintain an elegant and formal look.
  • New dress shoes are usually uncomfortable, make sure they break them in before the celebration so that they do not become a problem during the party.
  • Although everyone in your court must dress accordingly for your celebration, avoid extravagant looks. Elegance lies in simplicity.


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