Tiaras for Quinceañeras: The perfect accessory
Tiaras for Quinceañeras: The perfect accessory

Tiaras for Quinceañeras: The perfect accessory

Mickey Mouse silhouette tiara displayed on a black background



In the traditional sense of the celebration, many must consider that tiaras for Quinceañeras represent the young damsel's aspiration to be presented before God as a princess.

But for the quinceañeras themselves, the tiara may symbolize other things as well... like their personal tastes, for example.

From the simplest models to the most elaborate crowns, your choice of tiara will be much more than a hair accessory and can reflect much more of you than you think.


Crowns offer a beautiful appearance from any angle. From the front, from the side, or from behind, the crown has been the traditional tiara for many generations.

This type of tiara will say that you agree to follow the tradition that night. Not too simple, not too ostentatious, the crown will tell your guests that you are following the ritual to the letter.

Tiara headband


Ribbons are a simple way to display your elegance. These versatile accessories go well with all types of hair, and hairstyles can be adjusted to fit the ribbon you want to wear.

Also, wearing this type of tiara means that you appreciate options. It implies that maybe you don't exactly know what style you will be wearing on that special day, but you won't be tied to a single style dictated by your tiara. Additionally, wearing a ribbon will tell your guests that you are not afraid to try new styles.


Personalized Tiaras

Personalized tiaras

If for a moment your guests doubted whether they attended your party, surely all they need is to remember your tiara to be sure. A personalized tiara will make sure that no one leaves the party without knowing who was the princess of the night, with your initials embroidered on their memory forever.


Pageant crowns!


Pageant Crowns

These are the ones traditionally used in beauty contests, they are big and tall, made in this way with the purpose of being well appreciated from long distances.

If your guests didn't know that your ego matters to you, they will surely notice with one of these crowns. Setting themselves apart from simple tiaras, ribbons, and headbands, beauty queen crowns shout to the four winds that you want all the attention. Beauty queen crowns express that your self-esteem is high and that you love being in the spotlight. If you are willing to bear the weight of a beauty crown for as long as the celebration lasts, then you certainly deserve to receive the attention that wearing the crown will bring you.

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