Urban Cool: Accessories for an Art-Meets-Fashion Quince Party
Urban Cool: Accessories for an Art-Meets-Fashion Quince Party

Urban Cool: Accessories for an Art-Meets-Fashion Quince Party

If you like to spend most of your time taking selfies for your Instagram or videos for your Tik Tok in front of the murals at the Arts District in Los Angeles, then having an ‘urban cool’ Quince theme might be a great way to show off your creativity.

1. Black leather jacket


Serve some looks in this jacket from SHEIN.

A MUST if you’re going to go with a 😎 theme is a sleek black leather jacket. This version from SheIn has studs and a smart-looking collar. You can throw it over your shoulders to keep warm in your Quince dress in between saying hello to your guests and cutting the cake at your Quince party. Add it to the accessories for your surprise dance for an edgy wardrobe surprise!

2. Boot Heels


Walk into the room and own it with these heels from Tillys.

Let your guests know you’re walking into the party with these commanding boots. These laced-up black booties have an air of added sophistication with this block heel that can get you in and out of your Quince limo in no time.

3. Click! Camera Bag


Click! This bag is worth a thousand words. Purse by Groove Bags

Do you like taking photos? This purse can show your passion and be helpful in keeping all your things in place for your Quince party. It’s also pretty affordable! Always a win.

4. Glitter Abstract Art Phone Case


Glitter and abstract art come together to create a cool iPhone case!

Abstract and awesome—just like you! Take those IG stories and film videos of your memorable Quince party while your guests see the back of this creatively cool case.

5. Better to See the Art with Sunglasses


Brightness is on the horizon with these Madewell sunglasses!

Art imitates life—so look at the beauty in the painting of your life up to this monumental occasion with this cute pair of sunglasses by Madewell!

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