Affordable food options for your celebration
Affordable food options for your celebration

Affordable food options for your celebration

There is never a shortage of food for any celebration, but it can cost much more than you imagined. Depending on your budget, we have different ways in which you can feed your guests without spending a lot.

If you want to see the different options available for affordable food, keep reading.

Option #1: Have someone you know cook.

If you are having your party in a place with a kitchen, the easiest way to save money is to have someone you know cook for you. If you know someone who cooks really well, ask them if they can make pozole or birria. This is highly recommended if you are having fewer than 100 guests. You won't have to spend hundreds of dollars hiring someone who will only be there for 2 hours.

A woman in a kitchen preparing food on a table, showcasing the art of making tortillas in Mexican cuisine during a Quinceanera celebration.

Option #2: Get a taco bar.

You can easily double the number of guests at your party. If you plan to have more than 100 guests and still want to save money, get a taco bar. Everyone loves tacos, and there are many delicious taco bars that can give you affordable prices.

insurgentes - taco bar Taco

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Option #3: Tamales

Making tamales can be a lot of work, but with family, anything is possible! Nothing beats the taste of homemade food, if you want to save money, the most convenient way is to make tamales with your family. Starting a day before the celebration, gather your family members to help and bond.

fried food Puerto Rico

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Option #4: Mexican Buffet

You can hire someone or serve your favorite dishes. A little bit of everything is always a good idea to cater to preferences. Just having rice, beans, cold soup, rolls or tortillas, and your choice of meat can ensure that everyone is satisfied.

italian food meme table Mexican cuisine


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