Five Ways Quinceañera Catering Has Evolved
Five Ways Quinceañera Catering Has Evolved

Five Ways Quinceañera Catering Has Evolved

Since the beginning of time, Quinceañera celebrations have been known for either serving a three-course meal or giving the guests buffet-style dining experience.

Right after, we welcome the Quince cake to then, proceed and take over the dance floor.

Well, times have changed and so have the rules of Quinceañera catering!

Take a look at the latest trends we’ve seen within the last couple of years when attending similar special events:



Dessert table and set up by Roobina’s Cake

Candy Bars and Dessert Tables Have Become a Must!

Besides the main menu, most girls offered a dessert or candy table sometimes according to their Quinceañera theme. These tables are up from the moment guests are welcomed into the reception and until they ran out of items. Depending on your budget you can choose to pay for a one-time setup or have staff refill each station.


A Quinceanera celebration with a buffet table filled with a variety of appetizers including sushi.

Sushi Station by Taka’s Japanese Catering in Culver City, CA

Exotic Menus Are Extremely Popular!

Mexican themed Quinceañeras are a hit that heavily popularized a ‘tacos, tamales, and agua Frescas’ type of menu! This year you can delight your guests with a Japanese or Indian menu with or without having a themed pertaining to that culture in particular.


jack asada taco_seabirds_kitchen

Vegan Jack Asada Tacoby Seabirds Kitchen in Costa Mesa, CA.

Welcome, Vegan, and Vegetarians!

In the past, the number of guests who could possibly not eat meat or had specific dietary restrictions was small. Nowadays, people are choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle at a young age which means several Quinceañeras may follow a certain food regimen hence they will offer their guests variety during dinner.


Natalia, a woman in a pink dress sitting on the grass during a Quinceanera celebration in Texas

Texas native Quinceañera, Evelyn Lopez Terraza, went viral with this Whataburger photoshoot.

Food Trucks Are Now a Thing!

Whether it’s for the main course or as a treat to their guests, Quinceañeras are including food trucks at their outdoor events. In N Out, Whataburger, you name it! If it’s trending among their squad and their parents agreed to do so, the food truck is in!


A table with a bunch of cupcakes and a buttercream cake, all decorated for a Quinceañera celebration.

More delicious treats by Roobina’s Cake

Cupcakes Have Made a Comeback!

Cupcakes were extremely popular back in 2014, Quinceañeras loved the idea of offering their guests these yummy treats. But as soon as the price increased, the craze decreased. However, it seems with all the additional services the girls are currently implementing, serving cupcakes is a faster and less time-consuming way to serve.

After all, venues and bakeries charge setup and cutting the cake fee so perhaps the extra money you spend on a few more cupcakes will be similar to what you will pay for these services. Definitely #FoodForThought

The featured image is the property of Roobina’s Cake

Quinceanera photograph of three women standing next to each other with the words 'quiz must you invite them to'


Quinceañera, a person holding a cell phone with the text quinceanera on it

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