How to Find the Perfect Quince Cake
How to Find the Perfect Quince Cake

How to Find the Perfect Quince Cake

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera catering. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Catering. It's your go-to resource for everything food related!

The April's Cake offers gorgeous XV cakes!

The April’s Cake offers gorgeous XV cakes!

If you want to delight your guests, your Quince cake must not only look fabulous, but taste good as well. To find the perfect cake, you must carefully choose the cake’s style, decoration, and ingredients well in advance.

The cake represents the meaning of a quinceañera in many ways, since guests get together to have a piece of the cake as some sort of closing ceremony. For this reason, it’s very important to make the right decisions when choosing a cake.

A quinceañera is a wonderful celebration of a young woman. However, the celebration should not only be about showcasing the beautiful young lady she has become, but also about encouragement and building self-esteem to pursue her dreams.

To help you find the perfect Quinceañera cake, we asked several chefs who specialize in quinceañeras, weddings, and large events, for some advice. Their combined  culinary experience and knowledge in graphic design as well as gourmet cooking make them perfect allies in this important task. Take a look at these professional’s advice:

Keep in mind your likes and interests.

You can base your cake’s decoration on the color scheme you have chosen for your Quince. Ask the pastry chef to create a sketch that incorporates all your ideas. You can also search the internet for photos and ideas until you find what you’re looking for.

It must reflect your style and personality.

If you love fashion and beauty, then your cake must have a feminine touch. If you love sports, then why not use your favorite sport as a theme? Most importantly, your cake must draw attention and impress your guests not only with its look, but its taste as well.

How to determine the size of the cake.

It depends on the number of guests. However, you can use Styrofoam to build additional layers if you want a bigger or taller cake without having to spend more.

quinceañera cake

Most popular flavors.

Chocolate sponge cake with raspberry whipped cream and chocolate icing, chocolate cake with caramel frosting, and vanilla sponge cake with fruit and vanilla whipped cream. The red velvet cake covered with cream cheese and tres leches cakes are also widely requested.

Icing or whipped cream decorations.

Icing decorations always look good on a cake because they are smooth and perfect. You can also create shapes like bows and flowers. Whipped cream cakes are also beautiful and delicious.

Prices according to decoration & Different styles.

Prices can vary greatly, but the price for a good quality cake with fresh and natural ingredients should be between $4 and $10 per serving. The price will increase according to the amount of decorations. It is a tedious job, but in the end it will be worth it. As for styles, there are a million possibilities: classic and elegant, modern and abstract, fun and strange. It all depends on what you like.

Natural ingredients.

Cakes that are made with fresh and natural ingredients are definitely more delicious. Many bakeries try to save money by using artificial or processed ingredients, which usually contain saturated fat. The best ingredients are always the basic ones: butter, sugar, flour, and eggs.


Tips for the quinceañera’s mom

• Start planning in advance. Visit several bakeries and ask for cake samples. Also ask for pictures of their previous work.

• Plan your budget wisely. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good quality cake, since it will be admired by your guests throughout the night and it will be the last thing they have before leaving your party. So, it has to be memorable.

Tips for the quinceañera
Have fun coming up with an idea for your cake. If you want it to stand out and have a special meaning, then spend enough time to plan it’s creation. Your cake should be something to be delighted with, not something to worry about.

5 questions to ask your pastry chef
1. Do you have pictures from previous work? (Don’t accept photos that appear to be downloaded from the internet)
2. Are you willing to create a personalized cake to fit the party’s theme?
3. Do you use fresh or processed ingredients?
4. Do you have cake samples?
5. Are the table decorations and transportation included in the price?

Pictures courtesy of April’s Cakes, follow then at Facebook.com/TheAprilsCakes and Instagram.com/theaprilscakes

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