Halloween inspired makeup

Quinceañera Makeup Inspired by Halloween

Gabriela Alvarado

If your quinceanera happens to be around October, consider celebrating it big using a Halloween theme as your inspiration for your quince makeup.

A Halloween-themed quince can be fun and creative, and depending on the set of ideas you have, your party can become epic. One of the essential factors to wow your guests following this them is your makeup.

You don’t have to wear scary makeup just because it’s Halloween. Depending on the quinceañera theme and costume, creativity can play with your makeup and offer many options for you to choose from.

Get inspired with these Halloween themes for your quinceanera makeup.


1) Quince makeup inspired by Catwoman

Dark eyes and red lips are the key to achieving Catwoman’s look. You can even draw a mask around your eyes to make it stand out. This makeup style shows courage and is very attractive and popular during Halloween.


2) Quinceanera makeup inspired by vampires

If your purpose is to look intimidating, this is the makeup you should choose. Before starting your vampire look, you have to keep your skin clear, since it is the primary basis. Use strong shadows and black liquid eyeliner. You can use contact lenses to make your eyes more striking. Use a red lipstick to finish your look.


3) Quinceanera makeup inspired by Melanie Martinez

A quinceanera theme inspired by Melanie is an excellent way of projecting happiness and energy. Her makeup is characterized for been over the top and very creative. The combination of colored shadows is the key to achieve this look.

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