Quinceanera Quotes to Include in your Fiesta

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Quotes make us ponder on life, feel inspired do and be better and teach us a bit about life.

Have a heart-warming fiesta by adding the next Quinceanera quotes on your XV memorabilia.

Quotes to add to your Quinceanera Invitations

If you are to have a Quince mass prior to your reception, make sure to add this quote:


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Perfect to invite everyone to the day you’ve been waiting for a very long time:


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Let your guests know what their presence at your party means to you!


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Quinceanera quotes to include in your toast

These are great lines to close your Quinceanera brindis once you’ve thanked your parents and guests for honoring you on your special day.


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If you decide to tell your guests about your plans now that you’ve become a young lady


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This is a great closing quote for someone who is commemorating such a coming-of-age celebration!


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Lovely quotes for your Quinceanera party favors!

This can be added to favors such as tiny mirrors or lipsticks:


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Perfect for a Butterfly theme Quinceanera:


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Talk about practical Quince party favors? Something they could use at your party while getting inspired!


Kiss the heat good-bye with this !
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