10 Budget-Friendly Quinceañera Trends to Follow
10 Budget-Friendly Quinceañera Trends to Follow

10 Budget-Friendly Quinceañera Trends to Follow

If we could have all the money in the world, we would have our Quince in the most luxurious venue in Paris, overlooking the romantic city. But let’s be realistic! Once we start adding all the party expenses, it can become quite a shocker.


It’s possible to celebrate a modern Quince without the hefty price tag! Follow these fab Quinceañera trends and save big: 

DIY Photo Booth

Strike a pose for an everlasting memory – without going over your budget. You can easily download and print photo booth props from various websites and paste them onto long wooden sticks. Create a backdrop out of wrapping paper or curtains and you’re all set! Best of all, you can have your photo booth available all night instead of just a couple hours.

DIY-Photo-Booth-Flower-Bridal diy photobooth 2


Venue with Character

Before you book a modern venue with high white ceilings, you may want to check out a historical venue with lots of character! Trust us, it’ll come out cheaper since you won’t have to spend much on the decor. The artwork on the walls, glass chandeliers, and ceramic sculptures will all speak for themselves!

historial venue



Roses and lilies are way too expensive if you’re trying to purchase tall and huge centerpieces. Hydrangeas are bigger blooms (you will have to use less to make each arrangement) and equally gorgeous (available in white, blue, pink, green, and even purple). Learn how to cut costs on  your floral arrangements here!




We use hashtags everyday and spend countless hours searching for pics and commenting. So why not create a unique hashtag for your Quince? Encourage your guests to snap pics and post away with your hashtag so every moment is captured forever without the need of a photographer 24/7.



Jigsaw Guest Book

Traditional guest books are cute but it’ll be collecting dust for years after your Quinceañera. Jigsaw guest books are the newest trend! You can frame the completed jigsaw and hang it in your room. Plus you can easily find blank jigsaw puzzles at your nearest discount store!

jigsaw 2



Believe it or not, up-lighting transforms your reception space from blah to luxurious in a matter of seconds – it’s like magic. Strategically place up-lighting in the colors of your theme against the walls of the venue and your jaws are guaranteed to drop! No need to buy a bulk of pricey flowers to decorate the space.

uplighting uplighting 2


Mismatch Damas

One of your friends loves strapless dresses and the others hate them and only a few damas can afford the dress you want. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Here’s a simple solution: mismatch your damas! Having the same style of dresses can get boring (yawn) anyway. You can choose the same tone for all dresses and change up the style or vise versa. We love this trend because you can choose the style that compliments each individual dama and they are more likely to wear it on another occasion.


Naked Cakes

Who said you HAVE to choose a cake with a thick layer of icing? Skip the icing and go straight to your cake topper. Effortless beauty for a fraction of the price!

naked cake 2


Origami Decor

For those creative origami gurus, it’s your chance to personalize the venue and expose your talent! Invite your closest friends over for a day of arts & crafts. Hang your creations over the tables to add a romantic touch.



Faux Garlands

We all agree that decorating your venue with the freshest flowers can hurt your wallet. Try garlands with synthetic flowers! Not only are they way cheaper, but you’re able to hang them across the ceiling. Take it to the next level by pairing it up with multicolor lights!


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