10 Things You Must Know about Quince Padrinos and Madrinas
10 Things You Must Know about Quince Padrinos and Madrinas

10 Things You Must Know about Quince Padrinos and Madrinas

One Quinceañera tradition that has live through the years is asking someone to serve as Quince padrino or/and Quince madrina.


The adopted tradition has also been adapted to fit every girl’s needs, and there is nothing wrong with that, however, the meaning behind being a Quinceañera’s padrino and/or madrina has lost its meaning.

Nowadays, the Quinceañera’s godparents are refer to as sponsors, which is of terrible taste!

Want to know why? Then keep on reading and find out all there is to know about Quince godparents:

1) They are not obligated to pay for your party

A sponsor is a person that provides funds for a project carried out by another. Your Quince godparents are not sponsors, they are like a second set of parents who love and support you unconditionally. Asking someone for money for your party is of terrible taste and it should never be done.

2) You must choose them with help from your parents

Sometimes parents get ahead of themselves and they pick people who they have been friends with for years or who have the funds to sponsor your celebration but do not take you into consideration. They are to be your Quince padrino and Quince madrina, therefore it only makes sense for you to choose them along with your parents’ opinion.

3) They are entitled to have an opinion when it comes to your Quince

Just as your parents give you their two cents when it comes to selecting your Quinceañera dress or your theme, your padrino and madrina have the same right to share their opinion. Especially if they have offer to pay for either one of these.

4) Your Quince padrino can offer to help out financially

Again, they are not sponsors however if they offer to help out with something in your Quince, then it is completely different and it can most definitely be arranged.

5) Your madrina can purchase the traditional items needed for your Thanksgiving mass

The Quince godparents’ tradition states they are responsible for purchasing the items you will need during your mass as this is where they are named officially your padrino and madrina by church.

6) They do not have to be married to each other

Although Quinceañeras are most likely to choose a married couple as Quince godparents, nowadays some churches are more flexible and allow single padrinos and madrinas who come together in honor of the Quince girl in question. Check with your church first though….

7) You can have your baptism godfather and godmother as your Quince padrino and madrina

If you’re a lucky Quinceañera who has maintained a loving relationship with your baptism godparents, then what better occasion to thank them for being always there for you than asking them to be your padrino and madrina once again.

8) They don’t have to practice the same faith as you

Just as we mentioned on point number six that religious entities tend to be more flexible with this generation of Quinceañeras, they also respect the fact that some godparents will not necessarily be members of their congregation but, allow them to participate all because of you. Now this also depends on the religion they practice and if it allows them to serve as godparents.

9) They can color coordinate their outfits with your parents and court

You plan colors, fabrics and outfits for your damas and chambelanes and perfectly choose what your parents will wear. Your Quince godparents automatically become part of your coordinated posse so keep the posted on what type of outfit to look for.

10) They must love you very much!!

When debating on who to choose as padrino and madrina, think of what it will mean to them and make sure to give that honor to someone who will truly appreciate it.

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