15 Ways to Ask Your SQUAD if They Want to be Part of Your Honor Court
15 Ways to Ask Your SQUAD if They Want to be Part of Your Honor Court

15 Ways to Ask Your SQUAD if They Want to be Part of Your Honor Court

For several generations, Quinceañeras have drawn inspiration from trends used by brides, adapting them for their celebration.

In recent years, high school students have set trends by creatively asking their prospective partners to attend the dance.

This time, we've gathered our favorites and help you modify them in Quince style to ask your best friends, cousins, and others if they want to be part of your exclusive court of honor.

Choose your favorite and get ready to invite your future damsels and chambelanes:

1) Do it with these cute dresses!


Click on the photo to buy this item

Consider paying for a mini replica of your Quince dress and give it to your chosen girls with the question printed on the other side. They'll surely cry with excitement!

Find it on etsy.com/shop/TakeitPersonallybyM


2) Say it with a puzzle!


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How about a puzzle that everyone can put together and solve at the same time? Some will figure it out sooner, so you can't take your eyes off them to see their reaction.

Find it on etsy.com/shop/ButterflyGhost

3) Invite them for coffee


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Order these cute personalized cups and give them out one by one. Print them with the phrase: "Will you be my lady?"

Find it on etsy.com/shop/AnnieGirlDesigns


4) Ideal for Starbucks fans

If the above is too expensive for your budget (especially if you'll have more than four ladies), forget about engraved cups and write the question with a pen on the typical Starbucks cardboard cup.


5) Give them 'kisses' as a hint...


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Order stickers with the printed question and stick them under a dozen 'kisses' chocolates. Another way is to assemble the question with the help of several of these chocolates and mount them on a card to give to your lady or chambelán.

Find it on etsy.com/shop/BlackRabbitLabels


6) Ask a sweet question with these cookies


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A good idea would be to give them delicious cookies and a smart option... eat the cookie with the answer: NO

Find it on etsy.com/shop/SweetiePiConfections


7) You can't go wrong with pizza!


Following the strategy of chocolates and cookies, how about trying it with pizza? Something similar to what the bride did in the photo above.


8) Give them engraved spoons


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A super creative idea is to invite them to eat ice cream, be attentive once the order is ready, and place the engraved spoons so that your girls realize the message when tasting the sweet dessert.

9) Decorate their locker


Surprise them with a cute message in the school locker or with directions on where to meet so you can ask the question in person.

10) Prepare a word soup


Don't be afraid! Cooking a word soup is almost as easy as singing the alphabet, so you can consider this delicious option.


11) Use their favorite sport as inspiration

If your ladies or chambelán(es) play a particular sport like baseball, basketball, or volleyball, you can write the question on the ball or bat they use.


12) No one can resist some delicious donuts 


Instead of the word 'PROM?', write 'LADY?'

Because no one will say no to a proposal like this...


13) Give them a surprise balloon


Click on the photo for more ideas to adapt for your Quince

Use a helium balloon, boxes, cardboard for the message, and ribbon for decoration. The best part is that you can get these items at the 99 Cents store.


14) Post it on social media and tag them


Idea from Tiaras and Tacones, click pic to follow them on IG!

Your friends will feel flattered to be invited to be part of your court of honor in such a public and original way, created by Tiaras and Tacones, event planners, and Quinceañera specialists.


15) Write it with chalk

The sidewalk can be the canvas for your great work of art. You can do it right where they get off the school bus or outside their house.


Get to work!


Photo owned by AVMPhotoboutique

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