5 Presents to Add to your Quinceañera Gift Registry
5 Presents to Add to your Quinceañera Gift Registry

5 Presents to Add to your Quinceañera Gift Registry

One of the best things about having a Quinceañera is that you get tons of cool gifts to unwrap!

But what if half of those are not exactly your cup of tea?

Well since Quinceañeras are as important as weddings, why don’t you create your very own XV Gift Registry? That will give your guests an idea of what to get you and you’ll love most of the presents you’ll receive. But what f should you ask for?

1) Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with gift cards! Although it is thought of a rather impersonal present, it is best to get money to spend on your favorite store than a handmade “two-sizes-too-small” sweater.

A woman holding a cute grey handbag and a Chanel purse for a Quinceanera.

Perfect way to start school!

2) A Purse

Becoming a Quinceañera means taking new responsibilities! Maybe it is time to get a nice, trendy handbag or perhaps a wallet to put your ID’s and allowance money in it!

A Quinceanera-themed beauty gift, featuring a gift guide for the beauty junk

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3) Makeup Kit

You are finally allowed to wear makeup! So this might be a great opportunity to get you started with a fabulous kit. Select it with the help of a makeup professional or skin specialist.

A Quinceanera gift for the bride, consisting of a gold wedding gift, a gold bracelet, and a gold heart bracelet

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4) Jewelry

When it comes to XV jewelry, you might end up getting two of the same type of rings so, with the help of your XV Registry your guests will know if someone already got it for you and get you something different.


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5) Planner

The older you get the greater responsibilities you’ll have so your XV schedule might get extremely busy! So busy, a planner can be your only salvation to make school, house chores and social events work!

Now, where can you get a XV Registry?

Amazon.com has a universal gift registry where you can add as many links as you want from different sites such as Forever XXI, etsy, Tiffany’s and even Target, check it out here.

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