5 Wow-worthy Quinceañera Entrance Ideas for Your Theme
5 Wow-worthy Quinceañera Entrance Ideas for Your Theme

5 Wow-worthy Quinceañera Entrance Ideas for Your Theme

Sometimes your quinceañera entrance needs an added pizzazz to make it memorable for your guests, and that’s when we need to put our thinking hats on and be creative!


Sure you can have a decorated limo but let’s turn it up a notch! Here are the most epic quinceañera entrance ideas that are guaranteed to stun the crowd:

Horse-drawn Carriage

Themes: Cinderella, Princess, Fairy Tale, Spring, Enchanted Forest


Photo property of Hugo Benson Photography.

Give yourself the royalty treatment by arriving to the reception on a horse-drawn carriage! Invite your guests to step outside while you make your quinceañera entrance or walk elegantly down a decorated staircase, if your hall has one. You can even have the sound of trumpets notifying your guests of your arrival.

Sports Car/Motorcycle

Themes: Hollywood, Miami Nights, 1950s

Make an epic entrance riding a motorcycle, sports car, or classic car! We all have that uncle or cousin with the nice car so it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for a ride (you’ll be saving tons on the limo).


Themes: Mexican fiesta, Charro, Wild Wild West, Enchanted forest, Bohemian, Carnival

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.48.16 AM

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If you’re the country or bohemian type-of-girl, a horse will suit you! The pictures are guaranteed to look magical; I mean how many girls can say they had a horse for their quince?


Themes: Bollywood, Aladdin, Greek Goddess, Hawaiian Luau


Choose 6 of the buffest and cutest football players from your high school to carry you on an elegant chair or platform. You can even have someone fanning you with giant paper leaves as you make your entrance like a Greek goddess.

Talent Show

Theme: Hollywood, Ballerina, Rock star, Circus

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.55.13 PM

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A grand entrance calls for a grand performance for those who are talented! Sing, dance, perform an acrobatic stunt – whatever you’re good at and want to show off at your quince.

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