5 Quinceañera Planning Dos and Don’ts in a Digital Era
5 Quinceañera Planning Dos and Don’ts in a Digital Era

5 Quinceañera Planning Dos and Don’ts in a Digital Era

Your Quinceañera celebration should be exactly what you dreamed of your whole life!

However, times have changed and you have to be prepared to alter your plan a little. Luckily these changes can make your Quinceañera planning much more convenient and less stressful.

There are a million ways you can dive into the new digital era and take advantage of its benefits.

DON’T: Send your invitations over email

Not so fast! Even though times have changed and the Internet has become our main form of communication, there are some traditions we should still uphold. You can email the save-the-date cards, but your actual invitations need to be sent by mail. It’s one of those things that will make your guests feel excited when they receive them, a sneak peak of what your Quinceañera will be like.

DO: Livestreaming your Quinceañera

This is the perfect way to include all your loved ones who can’t attend your party. Live-streaming has become very popular because it is so easy to set up without the need for expensive equipment.  In addition, you will feel like a television star broadcasting your Quinceañera! How can do do this? Try Periscope, Skype or Facebook Live.

DON’T: Text all the time during your party

Trust us, we know how hard it is to put that phone down, but you need to show your invitees the respect they deserve. All eyes will be on you, so you want to make sure you are giving your loved ones your attention on your special day. Two or three selfies are acceptable; other than that, let your mom save your phone for the night.

DO: Download our Quince planning app 

With the help of your handheld BFF, there is no reason why you should fall behind on your Quince planning party.

DO: Ask your guests to use a special hashtag for posts, tweets and pictures.

You are a tech savvy, social media addict, and almost a professional blogger why not use those skills to your benefit? Create a unique hashtag and ask everyone to help you document every step of your celebration. How cool will it be the next day to check out your friends’ posts and statuses? We’ll leave it to your imagination…

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