5 Secrets to Plan a Quince on a Budget… We Tell you How!
5 Secrets to Plan a Quince on a Budget… We Tell you How!

5 Secrets to Plan a Quince on a Budget… We Tell you How!

Just like many quinceañeras and parents can relate, planning a Quince on a budget is no easy task. From choosing the perfect dress to elegant decorations, it can all seem overwhelming especially when your parent’s budget doesn’t allow you to choose the desired items. But what if you were told you can have anything you need for your Quince, customized to your very own personality and style, without breaking your parent’s wallet? Guess what, that dream is very much possible!

Here are 5 secrets to help you celebrate a fabulous Quince on a budget:

1) DIY projects to help you save money

A lot of projects such as quinceañera invitations, decor, party favors you can do them yourself. Make it fun and invite your friends over to tackle each project. Make your Quinceañera decorations pop and reduce your expense by at least 50%.

Decoration ideas for DIY projects

Invite your friends and try these beautiful DIY project ideas. You’ll have a great time while saving money!

2) Stunning centerpieces for a fraction of the price 

Use your church arrangements as centerpieces for your tables. You can get a variety of inexpensive vases at a wholesale price set them up at your table with a little bit of water and voila! An average centerpiece will cost you $35…do the math. You can find affordable centerpieces at www.dollartree.com. 

Pink floral arrangement using a mason jar

A simple yet gorgeous centerpiece for a Quince on a budget. Just add water and fresh flowers to the vase of your choice and you’re all set!

3.) A personalized dress fit for a Quince on a budget

Once you have picked your Quince dream dress, take a pic and visit a seamstress. A seamstress will give you choices on dress materials and beautiful accents plus it will be made just for you! Best of all, you would spend a fraction of the price on your Quince dress.

Look spectacular during your Quince celebration with an affordable personalized dress.

Look spectacular during your Quince celebration by wearing an affordable personalized dress.

4.) Finding decor that will transform the venue without overspending

This can get tricky, find a decor vendor that can help you with all your needs, from backdrops to center pieces. The perfect vendor knows precisely how you envision the celebration and understands your theme. The more they do for you, the more leverage you have.

Tableset using candles and feather decorations

Using less expensive supplies, such as feathers and candles, can add a touch of elegance to decor.

5.) Serve your favorite food and still save money

If you are having your quince at a banquet hall, try to look for a banquet hall that allows you to bring your own food.  Check out your favorite restaurants and have them give you a quote.  Usually a small family owned business would do the trick.

Beautifully plated lasagna dish

Enjoy your favorite dish on your big day! Visit your local restaurants and compare prices.

Try these simple solutions to plan your perfect Quince celebration and pass it on to your friends! Remember, you do not have to overspend to have the quince of your dreams.

At the end of the day, you can proudly take credit for your creations and your family and friends will be equally impressed.

Your parents, on the other hand, can relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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