Step-By-Step Quinceanera Guide: Order Of Events

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A crucial element to having a stress free Quinceanera reception is to have a written program of the important events taking place during the reception.

A great idea is to print this program and place it at the seat of each of your guests, this way, if they need to briefly step outside of the reception, they’ll know by what time to return to not miss anything!


Take a look at the most common order of events at any Quinceanera: 

Your guests’ arrival

While you are taking the Quince pictures at your place of choice, your guests should be arriving at the venue. This would be a good time to have your caterer serve light appetizers and beverages.


The Quinceanera Entrance

Minutes before your arrival, the event coordinator, family member, DJ, or MC will announce for all guests to take a seat. While the DJ plays your entrance music, the progression should be as follows: your parents, your padrinos, your Quinceanera court, then you and your chambelan.

The Quinceanera Toast

All of your guests will be standing following your main entrance. Take advantage of this by going immediately into the Quinceanera toast. This is typically done near the MC, DJ, or a microphone. Have your parents and padrinos stand by your side so that they too offer words of appreciation to your guests.

The Quinceanera Dinner

If you’re having a seated dinner, the waiters will make rounds to each table. If you’re having a buffet, your coordinator, DJ, or MC will call one table at a time when it’s time for them to head to the front of the line. It is the responsibility of these individuals to keep the buffet line moving smoothly and orderly. Also, make sure you, your court, parents, and padrinos are served first. You don’t want any of them – including yourself – forgetting to eat.

Quinceanera traditions and surprise dance

If you’re having a traditional Quinceanera, the change of the slippers and the dance of the last doll will follow the dinner. Then, the father and daughter dance will proceed, leading into the Quinceanera waltz. So that the excitement of your Quince does not drop, be ready to perform your surprise dance right after.

Party Time

Taking advantage of the festive environment that your Quinceanera surprise dance creates, and that your court is on the dance floor, have each of them select a random guest from the room to take them to the dance floor. And with this, the party will begin!

Cake Cutting

About one hour before the end of your party, take a breather from the dance floor and have your parents, padrinos, and chambelan meet you at the cake table for the cake cutting. When finished, rejoin the dance while the servers place slices of Quinceanera cake at each of the tables.

The Last Song

End your party on a high note by dancing the last song with your dad, mom, padrinos, and special people in your life. This is a kind and fun way of telling your guests that the party is officially over.


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