What’s a Quinceañera court of honor?
What’s a Quinceañera court of honor?

What’s a Quinceañera court of honor?

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A Quinceañera Court of Honor is composed by damas and chambelanes who have a close relationship with the girl: family members, classmates and friends.

There is no set number as to how many damas and chambelanes, it is up to the Quinceañera to decide how many members to choose for her court.

A vibrant Quinceanera poster featuring a court of honor and various types of boats

The beautiful thing about having a Quinceañera is that you can adapt it to fit your budget, style, personality and faith.
Therefore it is up to you to decide if you want a court, how many members you want and which traditional activities to will partake.

Below are the most popular Quinceañera court of honor option arrangements:
  • 14 Damas and 14 chambelanes
  • 4 Damas and 1 chambelan
  • 4 Damas
  • 4 Chambelanes
  • 1 Chambelan
The typical duties of the members of a court of honor are the following:

What girl does not want to get all glam up?

Some Quinceañeras have said that it’s practically a piece of cake to get the damas.
Getting chambelanes is the real struggle.

Very few boys want to participate as part of the court; sadly most are volunteered by their parents because of a friendship or family tie with the Quinceañera’s parents

Another important matter to discuss is whether you will pay for their outfits of if your court of honor is responsible for this.
In the case of the latter, it is important to discuss with the parents of your court this matter.
As you can see, there are a few things you should know before choosing your damas and chambelanes, turns out having a court of honor is not an easy decision to take…

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