Be daring with these Quinceanera invitation trends.
Be daring with these Quinceanera invitation trends.

Be daring with these Quinceanera invitation trends.

Become a full-fledged event planner by choosing one of these trends for your party.

Lace and pearls are things of the past; surprise your guests with something new and different - like your own monogram!

Imagine the faces of your friends if you add the following to your Quince invitations...




DIY (Do It Yourself) is at its peak, so if you have nice handwriting and the opposite of shaky hands, you could create the design of your invitations yourself and order them from the printer. Unless you want to handwrite more than 100 invitations and save some money.



If, instead of a theme, you choose colors for your Quinceañera, add your own monogram and include it not only on your invitations but also on your favors, centerpieces, and decorations.



Surely your relatives from out of town or even those who are not familiar with the area will ask you for directions. The trend today is to include a little map inside your invitations.



A romantic and delicate trend ideal for a similar theme, like a Spring Quinceañera or even an "Under the Sea" party.

Decorated Envelopes


Because beauty comes from within, the latest trend is not only to decorate the invitations or the box where you deliver them but also the inside of the envelope. It's trendy to choose a color that matches or a contrasting pattern.

Which one was your favorite?

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