Calling all Chambelanes!
Calling all Chambelanes!

Calling all Chambelanes!

Full XV court.

Wanna be surrounded by a group of cute guys? Don’t  know how to go about it? Well follow these suggestions  and get ready for a court full of handpicked  chambelanes that will have your girlfriends –and maybe even your aunts– drooling up a pool.

Chambelanes for hire

Malls have rent-a-cops; heck you can even rent designer digs online. So why not rent chambelanes for your quinceañera? The beauty of it is that the possibility actually exists. A simple Google search and a couple of minutes surfing the Web will give you plenty of fish to bait. Surf, fish and catch at will!

Pros: These chambelanes for hire know their stuff and are professional in all sense of the word. There is no hassle when it comes to getting the choreography down or having them pick up their suits on time. These guys are all work and no play. Ok, maybe a little play after the quince is over!

Cons: The guys in your family and your closest male friends may be a little hurt that you chose a complete stranger over your very own family and friends. Let them down gently and ease them into the news.

Chambelan auditions
Idol auditions. “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions. Chambelan auditions aren’t looking half bad right about now, and you too can host and judge your very own auditions. Search for the perfect court and choose only the cream of the crop. Type up flyers with the audition information, print them out and begin posting them in popular hangouts. Also, you have the advantage of using social networking sites to promote the auditions as well. So comment, post, blog, MySpace, Twitter and FaceBook yourself to a grandiose audition sure to grant you the court of your dreams.

Chambelan Auditions

Pros: Variety. There’s no telling who will show up to the auditions. Your neighbor, the Starbucks guy or the cute boy in gym class can be waiting in line to be chosen by you. Life is grand!

Cons: Since there’s no telling who will show up, you can end up with individuals who are anything but your ideal chambelanes. Be aware!

A woman laying on her stomach using a laptop in a Quinceanera themed furniture Java setting.

Use social networking sites to your full advantage
Sounds desperate but in reality, it’s more practical than desperate. Search various networking sites for a cutie that’s what you have in mind for your quince court. Befriend them months in advance or simply hit them up with a straightforward message: “You’re cute. Wanna hang out?” works all the time.

Pros: You expand your circle of online buddies.

Cons: You set yourself up for rejection.

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