Celebrate your Quinceanera on a party bus
Celebrate your Quinceanera on a party bus

Celebrate your Quinceanera on a party bus

Situation #1: You changed your mind, and at the last minute, you decided that you do want a quinceañera party.

Situation #2: You want a Quince party, but you don't have much money to make it happen.


Celebrate your birthday on a Quinceañera party bus!

Right! Celebrate an out-of-the-ordinary party. Invite your closest friends and family and hop on a special party bus!

If you're still not convinced, our friends at Elite Transportation in Las Vegas give you 5 more reasons to do it.

Impress Your Friends

Imagine the faces of your friends when they finally see the vehicle where the party will be. Wow! After seeing it, everyone will surely be talking about your Quince party in the following days.

Reserved for VIP

Elite Limos cuenta con una amplia variedad de limos para festejar tus Quince

Elite Transportation buses can comfortably accommodate up to 34 people. Gather your best friends and tour the entire city while posing for the camera.

Explore the City

It's not just about riding without a specific destination. Make sure to give the driver a map of key places you want to stop for individual or group photos. Be a tourist in your own city or travel to Las Vegas to have a great time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

No Logistics

Forget about planning your entrance, the toast, the waltz, and other formalities included in every Quince celebration. One of the main advantages of renting a party bus is the spontaneous fun!

Onboard Entertainment

So, what do you do to have fun at every Quinceañera? You dance and take photos with your friends making funny faces, which of course, you can also do inside the bus.

Contact Elite Transportation here and book your party bus today!

Need more reasons? Check out these images! And find many more on their Facebook page.

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