Cool Transportation Options That Are Cheaper Than a Limo
Cool Transportation Options That Are  Cheaper Than a Limo

Cool Transportation Options That Are Cheaper Than a Limo

If it’s within your budget, your daughter may want to arrive at her XV with a grand entrance and in style.

Limos are not always cheap, though. Luckily, there are still some great options out there that are surprisingly affordable and fashionable to take her to her big day!


Party Bus

If you’re trying to get transportation for a big group or your family, a party bus is a fun and cheaper option to get everyone there. Look online at your city for special offers.


Rent a Car

Renting a car is way more affordable than a whole limo, especially if you are only looking for transportation for yourself and your daughter. Tons of sites offer discounts on car rentals, and you can rent luxury cars that will stun your guests!


Horse Carriage

Depending on the look your daughter is going for, renting a carriage is an elegant and unique way to enter the party! It’s usually significantly more affordable than a limo and possibly even a car rental and is an entrance she will remember forever.

Ask Around

If you are looking for a cool entrance but don’t necessarily have the funds to fit it in the budget with everything else, don’t be afraid to post on social media and ask friends and family if they have a nice, new car they’d be willing to use to escort your daughter into her big day. Most will be happy to help, and you’d be surprised who might be hiding a classic car in their garage!

A Limo… But With Deals

I know… I said no limos, but there actually are affordable options and coupons out there if you can find them online. Plus, if you are taking a big group of people with your daughter to the party, you can kindly ask for donations or contributions to help pay for the limo, especially if people are getting a ride there and home from it! 

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