Create a webpage for your Quinceanera in minutes.
Create a webpage for your Quinceanera in minutes.

Create a webpage for your Quinceanera in minutes.

Designing a website has never been easier, with MiQuinceParty.com, you don't need to know programming or coding.

The site offers you such an easy-to-use format that will allow you to create your own website in just minutes from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Choose your favorite background and decorate with different colors that match the theme of your party. Don't like the format? Don't worry! You can make any changes directly from the dashboard. Besides serving its purpose as a digital invitation, MiQuinceParty.com gives you total control of your party.

Your family and friends will feel part of your celebration even months before the day arrives.

Check the advantages of having your own website for your Quinceañera:


Share the details of your party instantly

The date, time, and location of your ceremony and reception with the option to confirm their attendance will be available on your page. This information will be very useful for guests visiting from outside; they no longer have to wait for their invitation to arrive. Plus, you'll save calls to confirm who is coming and who isn't.


Introduce your court of honor

Add the names and best photos of your dames and escorts. This way, your guests will know who is part of this exclusive group, and the members of your court will feel honored to be part of your website. Don't have a court? NO problem! You can delete this block with just one click.


Add your gift registry

Buying a gift for a Quinceañera is not an easy task, but with MiQuinceParty.com, your guests will choose from your favorite items to give you something you like.

You just have to create a gift registry on the websites of your favorite stores and add the link to your website.


Show off your instant album #MiQuinceanera

Every photo posted on Instagram using the hashtag of your Quinceañera will be available on your personalized website at MiQuinceParty.com.

Keep everyone informed about your party planning by posting some decoration and rehearsal photos of your surprise dance.


Feel loved by everyone!

Finally, the site has a guest book for your relatives and friends to leave you messages, congratulations, and questions about your celebration.


Are you ready to take your Quinceañera to another level? Sign up today at MiQuinceParty.com for a free trial

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