Debutante Ballroom Dances
Debutante Ballroom Dances

Debutante Ballroom Dances

A Debutante Ball





Taken from the ancient traditions of the 17th and 18th centuries, debutante dances were restricted to the aristocracy when balls were organized to present young maidens to the royal court. Fast forward to modern times, the equivalent is the debutante dance used to celebrate the quinceañera's fifteenth birthday, without putting her parents' bank account in the red or depleting funds for her university studies. So, this is an excellent way to celebrate that is gentle on the pocket and generous on fantasy. Here you will find the 411 on the pros and cons of dancing the waltz following this elegant ritual that never goes out of style...

The Tradition

Once young maidens had reached a marriageable age, they were introduced to society during debutante dances. When the debutante was presented to the court, she had to curtsy as a sign of respect and gratitude for being courteously received into society. The young lady would then be escorted by a gentleman of her choice, and all debutantes and their partners would dance a choreographed waltz. Mostly, debutante dances were organized once a year by significant social organizations and took place during the "social season," typically starting at the end of autumn.

Gather your troops!

Gathering the Troops

Considering that many quinceañeras have a group of friends celebrating their fifteenths in the same year, it makes sense to celebrate together, a way to lower costs and save considerable money.

For example, you can gather friends, family, and close acquaintances to form a group, let's say of 10 debutantes. To keep things in order, you need to designate an event coordinator or hire someone who can perform this task. Once the budget is established, the parents of the debutantes can divide the expenses into 10 parts, instead of bearing all the bills on a single back.


The Pros and Cons

Traditional debutante gowns






The Dress

Traditional debutante dances require wearing a white dress as a symbol of purity.

Pro: The white color is already determined, so you have one less thing to worry about when choosing your dress. Now, you have more time to focus on whether it looks better with a corset, high neck, or straps.

Con: This means that the trendy boutique dress you found is out of consideration.

The debutante waltz

The Party

A debutante party is shared with many other young ladies.

Pro: Your best friend, her friends, and family will share your special day that happens once in a lifetime. Including the nerves...

Con: You won't be the only maiden under the spotlight, so be prepared as attention will be shared among all the other debutantes.

The Surprise Dance

In a traditional debutante party, there is no surprise dance. The waltz danced by all young ladies and their gentlemen is a traditional choreographed waltz.

Pro: If you make a mistake and lose the rhythm or take the wrong step, no one will notice. After all, you'll be sharing the dance floor with many people doing the same as you.

Con: Forget about your Shakira-inspired surprise or the favorite reggaeton number you had in mind; they're out of context.

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