Girl talk: Alternatives to the traditional Quince party
Girl talk: Alternatives to the traditional Quince party

Girl talk: Alternatives to the traditional Quince party

Big or small, the quinceañera celebration is always a  special one. Like these young quinceañeras  experienced first-hand, it’s not about how much you  spend or how many people go to our quince  celebration, it’s about surrounding yourself with the  people that love you. So if you’re pinching pennies to  celebrate your quince, looking for an alternative way  to party it up or just don’t want to have a full blown traditional quinceañera, check out what these young ladies are saying about how they celebrated their quince in alternative yet fabulous ways.


Theme Park get-a-way under $100 bucks!
When you live in Southern California surrounded by various theme parks, celebrating your quinceañera at one of them can seem anything but exciting. But as Jeanette Verdin proves to us, any place you visit as mundane as it may seem can become an exciting adventure if you’re accompanied b the right group of friends.

six flags #1

Name: Jeanette Verdin
City: Los Angeles

“I decided not to have a quinceañera because I don’t like high heels, dresses or dancing. Besides, a quinceañera is really expensive and I didn’t want my parents to have another debt. Instead, I decided to go with my best friends to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I had lots of fun!”


Mini-Quinceañera with las chicas and the fam!

Another budget-conscience quinceañera shares with us her quince story. In this quince party, it was all about getting reacquainted with family and touching base with old friends.

small #2

Name: Isabell Preciado
City: Highland Park

“My family didn’t have the money to spend on a huge, traditional quinceañera. With so many people to invite and a lot to plan like decorations and other things, it would have been a big hassle for us. Instead, I had a mini-quinceanera party with my closest friends and family. I’m really happy that I had it because I was able to spend more time with some of my family that I had not seen in a long time.”



Cruising the streets in style
This wild quinceañera wanted something exciting for her quince birthday. Breaking away from the traditional quince celebration, her and her friends took to the streets of L.A. to do some serious site seeing in style.

Quinceañera Alternatives

Name: Natalie Barajas
City: Los Angeles

“I didn’t want to have a traditional quince party because I wanted to do something different. I wanted to break the cycle. For my quince, my friends and I went cruising in a limo and went to the beach, Downtown Disney and Hollywood. I had so much fun and those memories will last a life time!”

According to Natalie, her less expensive and less stressful birthday celebration avoided any humiliating quinceañera moments and allowed for her to be herself around her closest friends.”

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