Guest list for your Quinceañera: Who is coming and who is not
Guest list for your Quinceañera: Who is coming and who is not

Guest list for your Quinceañera: Who is coming and who is not

In addition to the venue for your party, one of the most expensive factors for a Quinceañera is the guest list.

The fewer people you invite: the less cake, the fewer Quince invitations, decorations, etc.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Although it seems that Hispanics don't take this detail into account and end up inviting half the world to the party. In most cases, they do it out of fear of offending the person even when they haven't seen them in years.

Discuss it with your parents, and together decide if you'll have VIP Quince, where you only invite those who have shared special moments with you, or if it will be a gigantic family gathering.


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And if you come across someone who asks if their invitation got lost (doing something like this is in very bad taste, by the way...), respond as follows:

“Well, since we hadn't seen each other in years, we thought you had forgotten my 15th birthday.”

“It was a small event, only close family and some friends from school.”

Here, we leave you a list of questions to decide who joins your Quinceañera guest list and who simply won't be present.

When in doubt about whether to invite a particular person, answer the following seven questions, then you'll realize if their presence is required...

1) Have you spoken to this person in the last 12 months?

2) Is this person a relative of any of your family members?

3) Has this person invited you to an equally important family event?

4) Would there be any drama or issues in the family?

5) Do your parents insist on inviting this person? If so, there's nothing more to do; after all, they're paying for the party.

6) Do you get along with them?

7) Do they like you, how do they treat you?


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