How should I word my Quinceañera Invitations?
How should I word my Quinceañera Invitations?

How should I word my Quinceañera Invitations?


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Other than the design of Quinceañera invitations, the wording, such as the marital status of the birthday girl’s parents, is an important element to consider especially if she was raised by a single parent or guardian, by divorced parents, or if one of her parents is deceased.

With a nuclear family structure, it is customary to begin with the name of the parents in the invitation line, for example: “Mr. and Mrs. Jose Fernandez invite you to…” That information is then followed by the name of the Quinceañera, the date, year, time and location of the event.


Quinceañera invitations template when one parent is deceased:


daughter of? Jose Fernandez and the late Graciela Fernandez?

request the honor of your presence?

at her Quinceañera

(followed by reception information)

Quinceañera invitations template when parents are divorced:

Mrs. Graciela Gutierrez?


Mr. Jose Fernandez

?request the honor of your presence?

(followed by reception information)

Quinceañera invitations template with single parent/guardian:

?Mrs. Graciela Gutierrez?

and family

?request the honor of your presence

(followed by reception information)

Also, keep in mind that although the wording in the invitation line may follow the proper format, it might not convey the style of the Quinceañera. Therefore, be sure to choose words that describe the tone of the party. For example, instead of using “Invite you to the Quinceañera Celebration…”, you can also use “Invite you to celebrate the 15 years of life”, “Invite you to celebrate the 15 beautiful spring times” or “Invite you to the Fifteenth Birthday”.

Other things to consider are color, font, size and design of the text for the Quinceañera invitations. Note that if you are spelling out the date, you should also spell out all numbers and write the times in lower case. Lastly, make sure to spell check and confirm that all the information is accurate.

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