How to ask permission from your court's parents
How to ask permission from your court's parents

How to ask permission from your court's parents

Asking your friends to be part of your Quinceañera court is one thing, but getting permission from their parents is another.

Since it's their parents who will take them to the rehearsals for your waltz or surprise dance and who will pay for the outfit they'll wear, it's appropriate to ask for permission personally. To help you explain the responsibility that comes with being part of the Quinceañera court, here are some tips that will help you.

Before doing so, talk to your parents so they can accompany you in asking for permission from your friends' parents.

Be courteous, polite, and respectful.

When approaching your friends' parents, be prepared to explain all the details. Since not all parents are familiar with what a Quinceañera celebration entails, tell them it's similar to a Sweet 16 party, debutante ball, or a bar mitzvah, in the sense that it's a ceremony symbolizing the transition to adulthood. Also, explain about the meaning of the Thanksgiving Mass, which is what sets a Quinceañera apart from a regular birthday party.

Let the parents know the time, date, and location of the Thanksgiving Mass, as well as the celebration venue, and explain that your friends need to be available for the entire day.

Their role in the party.
Most likely, you'll need your court's presence during the rehearsals for your Quinceañera waltz and surprise dance, as well as the Mass rehearsal and photos before and after the party. Provide them with the dates and times you'll need them. This will allow them to understand the time commitment required for your party, and they can decide whether to grant the desired permission.

Necessary expenses.

Be frank about the expenses they'll need to cover. Unless your parents are handling the costs, have information ready about the rental cost of the tuxedo and shoes, as well as the deposit and late return fees. Tell them the dates for measurements and when they should pick up and return the outfit. Make sure they understand who is responsible for the expenses.

The invitation.
Most parents are uncomfortable with their children spending leisure time with strangers. If this is the case, invite them to your rehearsals. This will give them the opportunity to meet your parents and feel more at ease for your party day. If you wish, you can also invite them to your Quinceañera.

Finally, thank your friends' parents for taking the time to talk with you and be prepared to receive any response from them. In the worst case scenario, if they don't grant permission, you can still invite them to your party. Regardless of the response, feel confident in yourself for handling this important situation maturely and respectfully.

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