How to combine colors for your Quinceanera theme
How to combine colors for your Quinceanera theme

How to combine colors for your Quinceanera theme

¿Is your quinceañera party rapidly approaching and you still don't have the color scheme you want for your theme?

Do you think you can choose your favorite color and combine it with white? Of course, you can! But… is it boring? Maybe!

Why not choose your favorite color and combine it with something out of this world!

If you want a standout color or maybe a pastel color, there are plenty of themes in different colors waiting for you to discover them!

These colors for your party theme stand out from traditional monotonous colors. Each theme has personality and speaks for itself. Find the one that matches you!

  1. Mint Green and Pink: Nothing screams vintage louder than these two colors combined!

Mint Green & Pink

  1. Hot Pink and Orange: If you are celebrating your quinceañera in the summer, you might want to consider these bold colors! If you like to be the center of attention and are known as the popular one in school, these colors go with your personality.

Hot Pink & Orange color themes

  1. Purple, Green, and Blue: Nothing describes a relaxing and calm atmosphere better than these colors. This scheme requires attention but doesn't necessarily impose a reserved personality. If your theme leans towards peacock, the elegant trend of these colors will favor you.

Purple, green, & blue

  1. Aqua and Pink: If you're sweet and known as a very feminine girl, this is your perfect color combination.

Aqua Pink

  1. Navy Blue and Yellow: Doesn't it remind you of Beauty and the Beast? If your quinceañera theme isn't entirely centered on being a princess, then choose these colors and get ready to be treated like a queen.

Yellow, Blue, White

  1. Coral and Grey: If you want to have a summer-themed evening, coral and grey are definitely your colors.

Coral & Grey

  1. Marsala and White: Elegant with class and delicate. No wonder it's the color of the year!

Marsala & White

  1. Turquoise and Red: A war in the sky. Red is bold, but when combined with blue, they make the perfect pair.

Blue & Red

  1. Pink and Purple: Do vibrant colors rule your wardrobe? Look no further!

Purple & Pink

  1. Orchid, Mint, and Lavender: A tranquil fusion of pastel colors. Perfect if you're in love with the color purple!

Orchid, mint, lavender

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