How to plan your Quinceanera in 4 easy steps
How to plan your Quinceanera in 4 easy steps

How to plan your Quinceanera in 4 easy steps

If you've already read everything about planning your Quinceañera (If not, click here),

But if you don't have time to read endless articles, this is the right one for you as we'll suggest 4 key points to have a luxurious party without going crazy.

Apply the following to your planning, and everything will turn out just as you want:

4) Download your XV guide

A beautiful Quinceañera woman wearing a pink dress with a polka dot background

Keep it handy so you can keep track of what you've already done and what's left to do, such as scheduling your makeup and hair appointment, rehearsing the surprise dance, or sending the invitations. Download our free guide here.

3) Get yourself an assistant

22In addition to your mom or godmother, ask among your friends or cousins who would like to be your Quince assistant. A good idea would be to choose someone who is also planning their party so you can help each other.

2) Prepare for chaos

Without being negative, prepare for the worst is the best. Make a list of typical situations that could go wrong and come up with a plan B, C, and even D to know how to resolve them if they happen. This is called taking the bull by the horns.

1) Make a mini-list for the big day

A checklist for a Quinceanera with the words quinceanera written on it. Includes items needed for a Quinceanera celebration.

Once you have everything ready for your party, ask your assistant to make a mini-list of the things you have to do on the day of your party like: pack the outfit for your surprise dance, bring the church bouquets to the venue, etc.

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