How to shorten your guest list without guilt
How to shorten your guest list without guilt

How to shorten your guest list without guilt

Nothing is more difficult than removing names from the guest list. No matter how hard you try, there will always be reasons to share that important day of your life with more people.

But, the heart and the budget never go hand in hand, so it's time to face it: you have to eliminate names to reach the perfect number. What to do?

Allocate quotas

Many guests are people who don't even know you. Talk to your parents and let them know that it's your party, not a business, church, or work meeting. This, in turn, will save them a good amount of money. Limit the number of people to invite "out of obligation."

If you identify anyone, insist that your parents make sure those people will actually come before leaving out someone you truly appreciate and who will want to come to your party. This applies to neighbors and acquaintances who are not necessarily from your closest circle.

Review the list several times

Even after you think you've reached the limit, you can still cut down. If your budget or the party venue doesn't allow more than a certain number of people, don't risk inviting more than you should. You'll regret it later.

If your party is truly going to be an intimate celebration, let it be known.

There's nothing wrong with that. People won't be offended if you let them know that your fifteens will be a family affair, and only a limited number of people will attend. You can have a snack or a simple cake if you want to share with friends whom you can't invite to your party.

Limit the number of guests per invitation

You're not obligated to invite all your friends' family. Write the invitation in their name and specify the number of guests per invitation, preferably only the guest and one companion.



Send an RSVP card with your invitation. This is uncommon in the culture of your parents' countries, but it is certainly a custom in the United States. Assign someone to make a reminder call and set a deadline for reservations. If you know that there are people who generally don't attend parties, who say they'll go and don't show up, simply confront them in a friendly manner and ask them to reserve.

Call to confirm reservations

A friendly way to determine who will actually attend is to ask a close family member you trust for their good judgment and kindness to make confirmation calls for the reservations you receive.

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