10 Ideas to Save Big on your Quinceañera
10 Ideas to Save Big on your Quinceañera

10 Ideas to Save Big on your Quinceañera

When planning a Quinceañera, saving money and getting the best deals are two important factors. A way to help your parents save money in order to celebrate your fifteen birthday is to reduce your spending for one year.

The following ideas will help you save big on your Quinceañera:

  1. Always carry water and natural juices. Not only will you save money, but it is a great way to watch your figure as well.
  2. Ask your mother to fix healthy meals for you. By doing so you will contribute around $1,820 dollars to your celebration (use table as reference).
  3. Avoid buying stuff you don’t need for a year.  Think twice before making an unnecessary expense, consider the “Do I need or Do I want” method.
  4. Give yourself your own manicures and pedicures. Another fun idea is to organize a spa date with your friends where you can do each other’s nails and try great homemade facial treatments.
  5. Avoid regular visits to the beauty salon, ask your hair stylist for a simple cut and color that lasts longer and doesn’t require frequent trips to the salon.
  6. Limit your number of visits to shopping centers. It is very tempting to go on a spending spree when you see the all the latest designs! When you do purchase clothes, buy items that are easy to match and accessories that give your outfit a different look.
  7. One year without going to the movies? It is possible! Rent a good movie with your friends once a week and buy the candies that you usually get when you go to the movies. You can all pitch in. Netflix, Hulu and Redbox will be your best friends!
  8. Be smart with your data and plan. We recommend looking into a family plan or different cell phone providers to get a good deal. Also, don’t get a phone to show the brand, pick one that has good features and is affordable.
  9. Invite your friends to follow this savings plan with you. It will make saving fun, and you won’t feel alone.
  10. Look for part-time jobs during vacations or baby-sit your relatives’ children during the weekend. You can also have a car-wash and wash your relatives’ and friends’ cars. These gigs can get you that extra money you’re looking for!

The following table shows the typical expenses for a young lady in the United States and the amount you can save.

Type of
Average Savings
(per year)
Starbucks coffee ($5 a day) $1,200.00
Breakfast / lunch ($60 a week) $2,880.00
School expenses ($50 a month) $600.00
Manicure & Pedicure ($50 a month) $600.00
Beauty Salon ($100 every two months) $600.00
Make-up / Perfume ($40 a month) $480.00
Clothing ($150 a month) $1,800.00
Movies ($80 a month) $960.00
Cell phone ($60 a month) $720.00

You can cut back  on some expenses, as for school take better care of your supplies or use the money you save from not drinking Starbucks that often to cover for that expense.  Meet your parents halfway and help them in the celebration of your Quinceañera.

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